1.2 v 1.3 spring

Ok so I have just crono’d my Gen8

It has green o-ring, double o-ring cylinder head (taped with tefflon), alloy inner & outer barrels and of course a 1.2 spring.

It was pushing 175 - 195 FPS. I was thinking air leak somewhere I missed. Surly it should of been up around the 250 or so right?

Before pulling down I thought I would just check to see what a 1.3 spring would do.

315 fps on average now.

Dodgy 1.2 spring perhaps?

On another note, I did find an issue while installing the new cylinder head and nozzel. The nozzel didnt slide freely off the cylinder head shaft. The nozzel internal o-ring seemed to grip the shaft of the cylinder head so I wasnt closing into the T piece properly. Bit of lube and it was all good but just thought I would mention

Thats great your doing tests and having fun :wink:
Puzzled as to why you needed the Teflon tape on the cylinder head but I guess it can’t hurt or can it ? I can tell you I know the way an o ring is supposed to work and that the Teflon tape will infact interfere with that .
Yep springs ain’t springs some are a lot better than others regardless of wire dia.
And it is a must to lube the nozzle shaft :+1:

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I noticed when replacing the cylinder head that I still had air leaks around the cylinder head to cylinder seal when under pressure. I googled and found that the easiest fix was people wrapping the new cylinder head with the tefflon tape. It did make a difference but yes, had to be careful so that it didnt get in the way

Did you lightly lube the o rings ?

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Ummm if i say yes will you believe me? :smile:


Yes I allways believe everyone who tells me the truth :rofl:

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hahahahaha gold. I just ordered a 1.25 unequal spring. See if there is a midway point (because now at over 300fps, like the AKM47, accuracy is an issue)

I also never forget anything I remember!
Unless I forget to remember :rofl:

Accuracy at over 300fps is a challenge not an issue :+1:

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Would you suggest a longer barrel? Currently im on a 27.5 alloy inner

It depends if having a longer barrel bothers you or not, if not than yes otherwise 275mm should still be ok.
A good quality barrel is more important

I just received some of these new hop ups yesterday and they really look good !

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I have a alloy rizer hop up. I havent tuned it to the higher fps yet but it is meant to be one of the better overall hop ups from what I have heard. My first 3D printed one snapped

This is a new design hop up and is molded not 3d printed and is very smooth , I have the Rizer metal ones but this one has more adjustments like the bottom plate.

Ahh i see. ill check it out

One thing i don’t think i have seen mentioned on here but have experienced my self is. When you goto 11.1volts or upgrade to a faster motor (non rare earth or just a shit one) and use stock trigger or a mosfet with no active brake you get Overspin.
Using a thicker spring (1.3) can reduce issues with this as your piston will full travel before being hit by the teeth of the sector gear.
Goto a 1.2, 1.1 spring and the teeth start to catch the last couple of teeth on your piston ladder lagging the piston travel velocity. You can hear this clearly with metal gears not so much the stock nylon / plastic.
Can keep using the 1.3 and short stroke the piston ladder and sector gear 2 teeth and reduce velocity a little to get the accuracy you are after or if a short barrel reducing the volume of your stroke.

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What you say is absolutely correct with a very high rof.
13:1 or even 16:1 with 3s and a high speed motor plus a small spring is asking for trouble.
The high rof requires short stroking or larger springs.
Personally I don’t like short stroking or very high rof :+1:

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All of this stroking talk. Bit above my pay grade.

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It really doesn’t concern you as your not using a high rof or a barrel short enough that requires reducing the cylinder volume :wink:

I do have an 11.1v in it but just the standard motor. Does this throw me into the short stroker gang?

No it does not, your all good :+1: