1.3 size spring

So I’m familiar with the 1.3, 1.4, 1.4mm etc springs but what spring in the m sizes compare to a 1.3? Also what exactly does the m sizes mean? I know the 1.3 means 1.3mm wire diameter or something like that. Cheers.

M is for metres so a M120 will give you a fps of 130 metres /390 feet per second.
These are from the blasters we can’t use in Australia

Rough comparison

M90 ~= decent 1.3


Not my work but found it interesting. Taking about bb’s in aeg.

"food for thought, expecially if you’ve got hundreds of springs floating around like me.

M90-M210 etc. Besides of the 'THumb test" how could you tell if an unmarked spring is stronger or similiar to another?

3 things to keep in mind,

Is it Linear or Irregular? how long is the spring? and most importantly, its coil thickness.

For general organization of my springs. I base them off how thick the coil is.

I.e. I’ve measure nearly every SHS spring, and found out the M rating is nearly identical to its coil thickness.

M110 are ~1.16mm M120 ~1.26mm M130 ~1.36mm M140 ~1.46mm and so on.

But thats just SHS, Now other companies seem to do it the same way as well, ZCI being a Linear Springs have literatly, about the same thickness. M110 ~1.17mm M120 ~1.27mm

etc etc…

So what about Stock JGs? And random G&G Springs. All seem to run by the same means. Some are shorter, yes, some may have more coils per-inch. But rule of thumb this method of using a caliper seems to put you in a really close ball park of how strong a spring is compared to another. Though what if you get a spring thats 1.20mm? in thickness, Well I’d guess i’d put it in a M115 type. Also, be aware that G&P tend to cut their springs, so they may read 1.26mm, but have a couple coils cut off. which will reduce its overall length, and ultimately its stored energy.

Linear Vs. Irregular springs. Whats the difference, why is it there? Whats the pros and cons.

You’ll notice nearly every ■■■ has an Irregular spring. Except, of course stock JG ■■■■! [They use fairly, short, but thick coiled springs] Most of which, allows them to shoot ~400fps… but why use that kind of a spring vs… G&G’s Irregular springs? But there is a reason why JG uses M42 Blues, and G&G uses ferrous motors…

In my opinion Irregular springs have 2 or sometimes 3 stages of “tension” IF you’ve ever taken physics w/ calculus you’ll know something about irregular springs. How there resistance/k coefficient changed based off the x distance it is either compressed or pulled apart.

Irregular springs if you’ve compress them over say a long screw driver, the tighter sections of the coils, will tension up fully first. I call this the first stage, on a graph with newton force over x distance, the spring tension will actually be a constant uphill, however when the tighter coils reach its maxmimum point, the other section of the springs will then compress more, and graphically another boundary will hit where the slope is then steeper.

Whereas Linear springs show a linear uphill slope.

Alright, sure what does this mean though?

It means, Irregular springs have a MUCH LESS force during the beginning stages of its compression. This means weaker motors, are able to compress these springs easier. Since motors, always have that “start up” time before they build up their momentum and torque. Why is irregular bad over linear then? Irregular increases the chance of overspin, simply by being a weaker spring coefficient at the start. If you have a powerful Neo-motor you’ll notice these will overspin a lot more than linear springs would.

Sort stroking Irregular springs, will drop in power a lot more than short stroking a linear spring as well. Simply due to the fact, you are cutting its potential compression at its peak tension."


What exactly does he mean by “overspin”?

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@HelterSkelter Not sure maybe more chance of slipping and not picking up the initial rack teeth at times :thinking:

Maybe like valve bouncing? A weaker spring may allow the piston to hit home and bounce back… being in the wrong position for the sector gear to catch it?:thinking:


Given up on 1.2 , 1.3 etc…way too inconsistent. Just worked on an upgrade for a friend. Replaced a 1.1 @ 180fps
changed to 1.2 @ 240fps
changed to 1.3 uneven @ 230fps
changed to alt 1.3 @ 280fps
All these spring had different length, spring spacing, location of compression area (uneven). Most I have installed in blasters ring when fired semi. I think they rebound off the cylinder. I call the sound ‘prayer bell’ as I’m praying it will function the same next shot.

I did an upgrade to a Nwells V4, It had a M100 standard, I just replaced the o ring as everything else was good (for out of box). Smooth operation, crisp return, solid movement.
I have moved over to M series for my builds. Can’t give figures yet but have M110, M120, M130 and all are uniform and regular in spacings and length.

You can fiddle with springs… stretch them a little, cut off some coils if they are binding or making too much pressure…

I used to think that springs (in general) were formed then heat treated… but turns out they are just hand or machine twisted cold and bob’s your uncle… Nothing difficult at all… not to mention, they can be made out of many metals… even strands from larger wire ropes.

See this thread I started on springs a while back… very interesting :+1:

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