1.3 spring with 11v battery and nylon gears don’t work right?

Should a gearbox be able to handle a 1.3 spring, 11v battery while on nylon gears? I thought that during your first mag of full auto you’d strip the gears. I tried it, to give the gears a send off, but they ran fine. Multiple mags on full auto no problem. So either I’ve done something wrong, the gearbox can handle it or I got scammed and don’t actually have a 1.3 spring. I’m going to try and dig up some vernier calipers to measure the spring. The gearbox runs fine, sounds fine and shoots hard so I don’t think I’ve modded it wrong. Or all this time the gearbox really can handle 11v with a 1.3 on nylon gears and I’m just dumb.

I think it should be fine, I put a 1.3 in my scar v2 as an excuse to mod the gearbox when it broke but it wont break!


My old wells came with 1.3, 11.1 was no issue.

My sons G36 had 1.3 factory, stripped gears after two games.

It’s really just run the gauntlet and see…

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From what I hear and see 1.3 is usually the limit that will/should be reasonably safe. I’ve put a GBA spring ( measures at 1.35) in both my J10’s with a few other bits and pieces. They go great and have done for a few months now. Only thing I broke a return spring last weekend in the one I use most. Stock pile your parts and blast away! Put them in when needed.

Running on auto is not so bad… the gearbox starts and runs with everything in harmony (hopefully):grin:… it is lots of stop/start semi auto that throws a spanner in the works… because the gearbox cops a shock to start… then relaxes… then cops another shock on start up again… and so on… like beating it with a hammer… killbunny

The harder the spring, the more shock violin

My Gen 9 lasted half a mag, then the pinion leaned over the teeth it was leaning on as I went to fire another volley… Just went ‘ziiiiiing!’ and no turn nothing badluck

the J10 didn’t have any issues? It could be as simple as the motor/pinion was a bit loose from whoever assembled it. Probably a good idea to check the motor/pinion depth anyway, but especially if trying 11v:thinking:

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I actually shimmed the nylon gears. I think this may have helped. Or was just a good use of an hour or so playing at my desk, any excuse to tinker. Also yes shock loading would be a factor, I mostly use auto unless I get up close enough and can just put a single gel cleanly on the soft part of the arm, neck, etc. love the no bang bang nights! :smiling_imp:

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I’ve been running a 1.3 with an 11.1V in my gen 8, no problem at all. I keep everything lubed pretty well so pretty sure that helps.

I’ve now swapped it out for a new 1.18 unequal as I have heard these are a lot stronger spring (even though less mm diameter) so maybe I start stripping gears now

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