1.4 Spring VS 1.4 Unequal Spring

I’ve seen recently there’s been a big push for uneven springs, I’ve got a 1.4 uneven spring just installed in my UMP45 and with the s460 motor and everything seems to be running fine although I haven’t tested it extensively yet. I’m thinking of moving down a level because it is a lot of stress on the nylon box.
What’s the difference between 1.4 and 1.4 unequal springs?
Should I move to a regular 1.4 spring or down to a 1.3?

its about linear compression uniformity i believe.

under compression springs generally tend to try and escape through the sides of your cavity which creates issues both in compression and release since the piston won’t be straight.

from what i’m told, unequals seek to correct / minimise this.

reading up on a world of airsoft stuff it is quite apparent that more spring tension often doesn’t result in better performance…just more ouch on the other end (which is still a good thing…call yer friggin hits)

the 1.4 boxes i see that perform brilliantly are scratch builds, thick nylon, good bearings, nice plunger / pistons etc.

the ones i see being field repaired are the stocks that have had a few things upgraded in them but are still fairly stock…say acrylic boxes, no bearings, stock plunger.

as for moving back - thats a matter of testing.

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Just a thought i have no idea if its correct but the force comes from the center of an equal spring out pushes in both directionsfrom the middle. So if u have a 150mm spring you effectivley pushing 75mm from the center in both directuons. With the equal spring there is nothing keeping the spring stable in the middle and as it looses tension you have 150mm to keep under control instead of 75mm

@LowGuido would be the man to ask. Im just having a guess

Thinking on that subject i wonder if it be worth go8ng uneven in my m24. Might get some more springs and play round abit.

Would be good but spring choice is limited after u go metal plunger and bolt. They need a slighlty smaller diameter spring. Need to have a look for a generic spring at say 1.5mm thick and cut it down to the length u need.

1.4 would be a great addition to an m24 but you’ll definitely need all the supporting upgrades, especially gears. Even my s460 motor gets hot FAST when I’m using the 1.4

@RoyceJ m24 is a bolt action so no gear box. Nice and basic. I hope the spring i got coming is right for the metal plunger case @Matth1000 1.3x14.3x220mm 32 Spring is that the right size for the metal piston?

I’m not 100% but it should fit

@Matth1000 did your metal kit come with a o ring?

Nah 8 dont think so. Not even the stock spring out of the plastic plunger fits the metal upgraded one. I cant even measure it as i dont have the blaster on me for the next 2 or 3 weeks

Yeah it cam with 2 on there but neither fitted, I ended up using a green spare I had and that is what fixed the binding issue I had.
Hold off on spring purchase until you get your metal upgrade kit. I was bummed when I found the 3 different ones I had ordered dont fit.
Best bet is to use the 1.1 spring that comes with metal kit and space the crap out of, effectively giving it more rebound because you jamming it in to a tighter space.
I tried stretching it but it always returns to it original length.

Do you remember what width springs you brought were 14.8 or 14.3. Supposedly in the description for my kit i brought it mentions only taking the 14.3 springs. The stock spring from the plasic setup is a 14.8 wide 1.1 spring. Sounds like your m24 is cursed lol. If my 1.3 spring dont fit then the metal kit is just a demon child :smile:

The 1.5 spring being the thinnest overall diameter might fit buy I dont have my blaster on me to check for the next couple weeks.
Overall I got the best performance out of that one for 5 or so shots I had with it before the original plastic parts exploded.
Does anyine have the V2 upgrade metal kit and can you please measure the diameter of the spring?

I just saw my picture i thought i had the 1.5 at the thinnest. Im going to have o confirm that…

Picture is correct 1.7 is the thinnest.
Might be a bit much for gel ball.

The V2 metal kit is what i got coming. That and a inner alloy barrel and a 1.3x14.3x220 spring. @Matth1000 yours is V2 right?

Yep sure is a V2 I have a close up pic in one of the other posts.
I tried the 1.5 spring in mine and it didnt fit at 14.2mm

Im thinking of a little trick if mine is too wide. Gonna make a jig and try twist the laps in abit tighter but dont know if it will work after mentioning you trying to stretch one.

It will probably snap and it will make it stiffer also

@Matth1000 how much spacing did you add to the standard spring?