100% (ish) Outer barrel stability to body

was adding metal barrel extension on (one that replace the plastic one at the front)
and notice there is a lot of play on the outer barrel,
I soon found out that the T-piece locator actually sits behind that locking ring thing and it’s removeable,
but even with locking ring at the front there was a fair bit of play up and down, left and right…
also notice the metal rod has a lot of play in it too…

so i took this whole bit out (to get to the metal rod properly), lined both part up striaight,
especially making sure the T-piece locator points the t-piece straight down,
then glued both part with JB weld for plastic, now its solid as rock :sneezing_face:

even with out the hand guard + front barrel locking bit on there is almost no outer barrel play,
the only movement i believe was from the top long part of the upper receiver flexing when i am wiggling the outer barrel, and with the hand guard + front barrel locking bit put back in place,
now there seem to be 0 movement at all :thinking:

if anything i wouldn’t mind adding one more of those stabiliser with a long thin bolt on top,
put it toward the middle of the outter barrel just to be sure :sneezing_face:

also secured the inner to the new outer barrel, 0 movement there either,
no sure if this help with accuracy in any way,
but just for peace of mind i guess :sweat_smile:

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Let us know how it goes. I have a mates J10 with accuracy woes.

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yah it would be interesting, since everyone’s first suggestion is to secure inner to outer to body
i will grow some AT milkies and test it in the avo :thinking:
see if that does anything with out a hopup (still waiting :sweat: )

tbh i doubt it will actually do anything tho, since no one ever even mentioned this part,
it might not be of much concern,
but one less vibrating bit is one less vibrating bit right :sneezing_face:

what’s the spec ur mate’s acr O_o
any internal mods?

Alloy 7.5mm bl, 1.18 Ausgel spring, DK barrel stabiliser, 11.1v battery. I’ve yet to have a look see what’s up. Waiting on a few parts.

So about the same as mine,
mine is 7.5is @ 400m, 1.2 spring
All ebay stuff

Quickly dried up some old milkies just now and tested a mag out, result is somewhat interesting…
There is now less wonder off, and it’s a bit windy outside too o.O

It seems the gels are still curving it’s trajectory after about 7m, but up to 10m the spray pattern seems a tad bit smaller, also I have not seen anything that just wonders off oddly like it did before, and this is the same batch of old randoms I got with my blaster.

And mind u the distance is meassured by me taking steps that’s roughly(hopefully lol) about meter wide lol, so it’s very rough guess

Honestly don’t know if this has anything to do with the whole ■■■ now being much more solid though, or just the gels

Also the air seal in the stock ■■■ sucks!
When I had the ■■■ apart I push the noze back in and blow into it, also tried sucking air out, there is no pressure bothway xD

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