11.1V batteries that fit MRT

Anyone upgraded to 11.1v? What battery did you find to fit.
Hobbyking wont ship their stick lipos from HK

Best one is this -

Azraels Armoury had them, but I just had a look and he’s sold out.

This site shows them in stock -

You will have to change the plug on your blaster though.

EDIT: just realized that site doesn’t show the dimensions. Make sure it’s the one that’s 115 x 16 x 19mm

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Also, the Boslipo Tactical 11.1v will fit, and it has the JST plug same as the blaster.



Thats the one I tried to buy direct. Its only $AUD18 from Hobbyking but they wont ship it to AUS

Got 2 recently from 3k for CQB and MRT, fit good.

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Mate where are they and how long does it take for shipping?
That seems expensive for the Turnigys

They are in Grange South Australia. Shipping is a few days.
Couldn’t find them anywhere else at the time, so I got what I needed before they disappear.

They are out of stock almost everywhere


Back in stock


got one on order now