11 Volt battery

So my stock 7 volt battery for my gen 9 decided to die today and I need to replace it. My gen 9 is still stock, would it handle a 11 volt battery stock or would it need some upgrades first? Cheers.

Yes it will work fine

The 11.1 (3S) battery will give it a real kick in the gutsā€¦ you will be severely impressed as the magazines empty in 3S(econds)ā€¦ see what I did there :laughing::roll_eyes:

It will shoot faster, but probably not furtherā€¦ and your mates will be scared by even the sound and the mass of gels heading their wayā€¦which is good :smiley:

The down side is that the mag empties unbelievably quicklyā€¦ and things may start to breakā€¦ which is bad

However, that saidā€¦ I would never buy a replacement 7.4v batteryā€¦ you know you want to upgrade the whole thing eventuallyā€¦ so, sooner or later it will stopā€¦ then you can start upgradingā€¦

This is why it is, by law, a fact that you need 2 gel blasters (minimum)ā€¦ so you can keep one stock and reliable with minimal upgradesā€¦ (old faithful) ā€¦ then have a MONSTER under constructionā€¦ which if it suffers from ā€˜issuesā€™ during its constructionā€¦ which is badā€¦ you still have old faithful to play with ā€¦ which is good

I hearby give you permission to buy at least one more blasterā€¦:grin: (go on, you know you want to) :money_mouth_face:


A few points on batteriesā€¦ 3.7V is 1Sā€¦ 2S is 7.4vā€¦ 3 is 11.1v and so on 4,5,6 up to 12S, but we will concentrate on 3S. A 3S is 11.1vā€¦ but at 11.1v the battery is flat more or lessā€¦ if you go less than 3.60v per cell (so 3S about 10.8v) the battery will be damaged.

A fully charged 3S battery will be 12.6v.

The above is for LiPo batteriesā€¦ and you really need a low volt alarm so you dont kill the battery. An 11.1v Lithium Ion battery is more forgivingā€¦ but if you get a LiPo (my recommendation) try and sneak one of these onto your blaster somewhereā€¦ will save killing alot of (expensive) batteries. You can adjust the alarm voltageā€¦ like set the alarm to go off once any of the 3 cells reach, say 3.6v

100% what he said. Lipo care was such an important thing to look after with drones, then in this hobby lipo care is an after thought for some reason. But yes, if you start going under 3.6v per cell you WILL start to cause your battery to become unstable and drop/kill cells. Not so much when itā€™s getting drained, but when you attempt to recharge, it can cause a fire, and a Lipo fire is not easy to extinguish.

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