12g Refillable cartridge

Hi guys,
Does anyone know where to buy 12g Refillable cartridge in Australia?
The only place that I can find is Ebay, shipping from USA…

They aren’t much good from all reports

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Oh, I’ve bought this thing:

I was Thinking it comes with the cartridge…
I was planning to fill it with the green gas to use in mine XTP pistols…

I don’t really understand what they are selling there ?

So you want to fill the refillable cartridge this thing comes with, with green gas ?

Your APS won’t cycle on green gas anyway 🤷

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I guess I have to send it back…

Yeah good luck with that :roll_eyes:

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Also if you still had to change the bulb like CO2…why would you go with green gas over CO2?

Little confused here

I’ve had 2 of the refillable bulbs. They were a sore disappointment

What’s wrong was with them?

I Don’t like to use Co2 in my blasters as it’s to harsh for the internals. To knock some plastic bottles from about 5 meters, green gas is just fine…

The item you bought is an adapter for CO2 canisters, so that you can fill green gas mags with CO2. I highly doubt you’ll get any refund, CEH are notorious for that shit.

I think you’re better off just buying a green gas mag for your XTP.

X-Force tactical have P1 mags available and I believe they work in XTP’s, or maybe CEH could swap the adapter for a green gas G17 mag and you pay the difference.

Haven’t chrono’d it but my APS glock works with the green gas mag from my double bell tti G34. Probably a better option than the p1 mags.

Just got a chrono delivery yesterday and I had a quick play around with the XTP using the DB Green Gas mag - using a 4 hour AKA I got readings of 160-195fps on 144a green gas.

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That’s not too bad for r144a in something with a poppet tuned for co2. Should get a decent bump with ultra, top gas or straight propane/mapp

Next time (next month most likely) I’ll get some predator ultra and maybe some top gas even to test with 3hr AKA.