14mm to 11mm adaptor issue

Hey folks, so I recently got a suppressor adaptor from X-Force for my JG Works Hicapa… and it just won’t fit. It won’t screw in, as if the grooves in the barrel or the tread on the adaptor aren’t lining up.

Every time I try to get it on, it only screws in maybe 1/4 of the way and on an angle, so the suppressor looks wonky and falls off when I cycle the blaster.

Is it likely to be the blaster that is the problem, or the adaptor?

The blaster seems pretty solid, but I’ve found a few issues, including not being able to remove the inner barrel from the outer barrel, which I found a bit frustrating.

I also find that the guide rod gets jammed against the lower rear of the outer barrel and is incredibly tough to get in and out at times. To the point where I consider it a design flaw.

Otherwise I’ve been happy with the purchase, but would love to have an idea whether it’s the outer barrel or the suppressor adaptor itself that is faulty here. Let me know if people require photos.

Is it a positive or negative thread? It’s such a fine thread are you sure you haven’t cross threaded it?

I don’t have a JG but the GE’s don’t have a left hand thread

Hmm I’m not sure tbh, I just assumed it would be 14mm ccw to 11mm cw. Here’s a photo of the barrel as best as I can show it, although not sure it’d be of any use.

If it’s not cw threaded, are there ccw to ccw adaptors available anywhere? Or am I just out of luck?

I thought maybe I’d crossthreaded it initially but after like 100 attempts surely it’s not the case.

That looks to be a standard Right hand thread

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I think you will find that the thread in the JG is not 11mm

Hmm – is there any adaptor that would work, then? :frowning:

I don’t know, I’ve only seen the Azraels and the Cowcow ones and neither of those fit.