15 december - Sunday Gelball Event in Loganholme 4129 South East Qld


They are also doing a CQB no fps limit NO BANG BANG / minimum engagement distance even every Saturday night in the foreseeable future

Kick ass field - Saturday night ADULTS ONLY

Bust out the heavy blasters - hardened gels - glow mags - and clear shipping containers and other technical structure

kick arse field Guerillas is for sure…

after i factor in the cost of travel and the game fee…

They have lights yet? Dark games are fun, but not all night

Dunno. I know it’s on the list

The field has tripled in size recently

Morgs is hard at work dreaming up top ideas for the place

Lights are working, although with no bang bang ummm I’m not sure I want lights on! :thinking: this place is well organised and well run.

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I hate bang bang rules, impossible to ref and just silly. If you don’t want to get shot, play laser tag :rofl:


Or take up crochet…

Wear the right gear and man up I say

Also, if you watch any movies, often if someone is sho0t… they are not instantly incapacitated… so they often chuck a pineapple or throw a kniffe with their last breath… or even take a last sho0t… so, if someone drills you up close… there is nothing to say you can’t fill them with gels in return as you fall and call ‘hit’ laughing%20(1)


Haha, first reaction was… dude this isn’t the movies…

Next thought was, well it certainly isn’t like real life! :rofl:
There’s a few players on the fields might need that subtle point tattooed on their heads

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