18V Battery for ACR J10

Hahahaha that’s about what I’d expect

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Lift what do you mean

Anyone know why they banned air soft in Australia, when gelblasters use the same gearbox and design.

You won’t be able to swing a prop fast enough long enough to get enough lift to get off the ground.

Mini quads really suffer under the same challenges

Weight of the system required to provide enough thrust for flight and it’s fuel requirement make the above images cute but not practical in terms of RC awesomeness

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Actually they are real :+1:

That is well beyond my skill level!

Those who lion batteries are heavy af

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My mini race quads have over 10 to 1 power to weight ratio

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I cap mine between 6-8.

Doesn’t really matter …steerable missiles

Curious what FOV you fpv with?

This is a 2yo video of me practising


Suggest u try 12v cordless drill lithium batteries first.

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Yeah might be safer, I don’t want to fry the motor.

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That guy also made a drone he can sit in and fly…like pop

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Casa gets its stroppy on about these things

Noice though

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He has alsi made 2 planes that he flies.
He built them from scratch as you would a model plane. Both are powered by electric rc plane motors.


Here is hi Bi plane…pop

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Yes…it will.