1911 warranty issue from M4a1

Well as of this morning atm. M4a1 is on my shit list. Very very pissed off with them. Asked them after my 1911 broke and took to warranty how long parts would take. They said 6-8 weeks. Not their selling all new gbb pistols. Buuuuuut.
I went and checked to see how my blaster was going… they have no parts to fix it… their selling blasters but still don’t have the parts. Oh. The staff were also told their “not” allowed to swap the blasters that came in for warranty.

That’s why their $350. To stop warranty claims from the first batch to be honoured. I’m not the most tactful person and was in a very pissed off mood when I wrote it but I’ll drop it here so you can see when (or if) they respond.

As you can see they’ve actually read what I said. But haven’t replied. Considering I borderline told them I was going to make their reply public I’m not surprised tbh :joy:


You haven’t had it long enough.
They should swap it and wait for the parts, not you.


It was waiting on the parts since there was none to swap it out with when I broke. Now that their second shipment has landed apparently they were not allowed to use any of the new batch to swap for the warranties waiting. It’s why i tacked on the end about supporting their products. Cause right now it doesn’t look like they are. The tech I usually go through has outright told me he’ll give me a full refund whenever I’m ready. But I think it will depend on their response. “If” they respond.

Edit: alternatively I might get my refund. Buy one of their glocks since you can swap parts around on them

Just let them know politely, that

“I will be lodging the issue with OFT and seeking assistance with the matter via the Gel Blaster Community Support Fund (GBCSF)”.

That’s all you need to say.

As the importer / manufacturer in this instance, there are some specific guidelines relating to timely repair. DM me and I will help you with your OFT claim if need be. Give me a few days to rest first tho!

If the OFT can’t sort it out then a solicitors letter might help. The GBCSF may be able to assist.


Nah I shouldn’t need to take it that far. Thanks for the offer though. While I want a working gbb. If I want my refund the store I go to has said he’ll give me a refund anytime I want. Which if they don’t have the parts or their response isn’t the best I’m just going to do that and probably go get one of the combat masters coming out or something.

But I Wanted a working blaster. I liked it. It just needs a couple parts. Which I have in writing they said 6-8 weeks. They shouldn’t be selling off another crate of them before they have the means to keep them running. It’s dishonest and money grabbing. And since they told me parts would be in the next shipment They outright lied to me.

They have responded. But it feels like their just dragging it out as I’ve already told them it’s in for warranty repair. So the reply doesn’t make a lot of sense. At least to me. But it’s also probably what the service rep has been told to say.

Additionally how would I know what part their store tech needs? :roll_eyes:

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What parts are you needing?

Refund, buy another one or depending on how much they’ve irked you, elsewhere

Many moons ago I handled a national service desk and cannibalising new landed stock for warranty was a total pita but… absolutely nothing stopping you regulation wise from doing so

So it’s not that they can’t it’s that they won’t

I’m about 98% of the way to just getting the refund. The guys in the store have been good to me though and I want to give the company a chance to make good on their claims. I’ve waited 2 months. What’s another couple days.

But I’ll be damned if I’m not sharing this absolute load of **** so others know.


If you do go the refund route and can’t get a replacement through m4a1, CEH are getting more in some time mid next month and have dropped the price from $399 to $379. With RAPTORS code and in store pickup you can get it a little cheaper than M4a1 is now selling theirs for or about the same including delivery.

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Unless ceh can prove they got the parts as well. I likely won’t be getting another one. I like it. But not if I have to fly overseas just to find a part for repair. :joy:

Since they changed their price from 300 to 350 “technically” they can’t (won’t) do a simple swap. My store also doesn’t have any left either.

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Kinda bones you on refund and buy

I’d sell you one of mine but then…I wouldn’t have them :rofl:

And it was a gawd awful long wait for parts for me too

What parts?


I’m gonna give them till about 4 to get back to me. Otherwise I’m going to just refund and wait to see what comes out or I’ll cave and get an xtp. At least it seems parts are easier to get. (Though that combat master does look nice :thinking:)

G34 has a slow cycle rate

I like it. It’s solid and dependable

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@zeHamish g34?

And so I finally got a reply from them. They got me to detail who had my blaster. Rang them up to find out what was wrong with it. And gave me 3 options

1.Wait for parts (they didn’t tell me the time frame so I’m assuming it might be a while which personally pisses me right off)

2.Get a full refund (which was always an option)

3.Or get a replacement here and now. Of fucking course I’d say replace it :joy::joy:

So by end of this coming week I should have a new gbb from hq

Optimally it’s the best answer I could ask for. However I’m not pleased by the lack of support their showing for their stuff. They shouldn’t have been selling and getting extra crates of the pistols before they get parts to fix the previous ones and then forbidding them from swapping stuff out. Which ironically is what their doing for me. That being said. I’m now a little worried about the quality of said replacement blaster. Is it new or refurbished?

I did make sure when I said replacement to make a mention that I wanted to support the guys in the shop cause I’ve always been happy with their service. Which I have. So hopefully they didn’t deflect the blame across to the guys that work there for the companies mistake.

But it’s a bit disappointing I had to take it that far just for my warranty blaster to be fixed or replaced within a reasonable time limit. Even though I wouldn’t call 2 months reasonable.

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P1 internals

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Ahhh. I get you now.

personally i would get a full refund you will be down the same track again they really sound like a POS i was so lucky i missed out on a 1911 i will just wait for a john wick model so i can have a 1911 style pistol hope they are better

but if you havent got a XTP i would get a refund and grab one of those

any way good luck

Ok. So ignoring the drama. After my “complaint” per say. Took about a week to get one down but they’ve passed along a full replacement. So happy with that.

Pretty sure it’s one of the new stock and not refurbished.
Yet to fire it. But they’ve already tested as it still had a half bulb of c02 in it. Feels lighter than my old one. And I’ve noticed without taking the slide off That it’s got what looks like a stronger lock pin in it.

But who knows how it will stand up to a game day. Only time will tell.

Little annoyed I had to take it so far up the chain and they don’t give the stores much leeway in regards on how to deal with issues. But they did follow the rules eventually without really trying to pawn and fault to le or the staff members.


Yeh definitely a new batch, you can tell by the orange tabs on the case.
Most of the issues GBB have is due to seals not being properly lubed or the piston head in general, not shimmed or the seal not sealing in the cylinder

Excuse the ignorance. But what part of a gbb needs shimming? It’s a part I’m unaware of

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The feel is completely different too. It feels lighter but maybe more durable? Like they’ve improved on the casting materials somewhat. The trigger feels a little meh tbh. Seems a downgrade from the last one I had. Very very heavy pull. And about 4-6mm of play. Also seems like they put in a lighter recoil spring. Maybe to help it cycle a little better. But with the softer spring green gas might very well be an option.