330FPS or wound up and cheating 😅

Righto boys need some help, just finished a round… games went from casual (still feeling shots)
To hell painful really quick (drawing blood)
These shot were from 4-5 meters…
Said field has a 330fps limit but no gel restrictions…
My ■■■ shoots 327 with elites and xtac booms, I’ve shot my self multiple times point blank and never drawn blood…
No issue with the field but want opinions… ■■■ was hpa :woozy_face:

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Anything’s possible but I’d have thought that 330fps at 4-5m with super hard gels, on bare skin, that’s gonna hurt bad.

Got hit with a shot on the hand from green gas HPA fed pistol from 4m that raised a blood blister. Other AEG shots at similar distance just caused a mark… Need to introduce fixed valves on HPA

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At 300fps or slightly below, ultra elites were drawing blood at spec ops point blank. Why they ended up banned. Same at guerrilla

Id say thats it.

This wasn’t point blank, that’s the thing🤣 if it was I wouldn’t have posted this thread at all

Well inside typical bang bang rules, 2-4m

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Their are some really hard gels out their i think, and yeah range is a factor and fps but gel type is a bigger factor i think. I have had blood drawn a few times at sub 2m but didnt notice it as then some of the hardest hitting where from 5m + but no blood. Sucks that some people are in it to hurt others.

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Holy sh*t.

Yeah mate. Wouldn’t be asking in the forums if they weren’t still absolutely killing 2 hours post game​:rofl::rofl:

Round up a posse and get some vigilante justice :joy::joy:

That looks fucked, how strict and diligent are they with chrono testing and making sure stuff can’t be cranked up?


Crono pre game, but nothing stopping people from cranking their hpa ■■■■ mid game

What field was this? Not to name and shame them but I was going to give APGS a go next week which is limited to 330 FPS. I just want to know if i need to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants and vest instead of the normal shorts and a shirt.

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This is the issue with HPA, it’s easy to tweak without the need for tools. In paintball tourney markers had to be designed to stop it, because in the old days you had toolless reg adjustments and could chrono at 300 and crank it to 400 during the game and then turn it down post game in case you were hit up for another chrono check.

I know, I used to have an old autococker that did just that :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Judging by those welts, go with the juggernaut suit :rofl::rofl:

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This was at hardcore blasters. Again, no issues at all with the field… I didn’t say anything to the ref I just let it slide. If I said somthing they may have acted on it.

I play APGS and only been hurt by HPA. Recommend a plate carrier if you don’t want a bunch of welts. Most hits are close range under 5m


Abit hard to judge the plate carriers I got told to get one for gel city however I tend not to use it their as its not to bad but I made the mistake of going to Yatala one day without it and I must have had about 50 welts for a month i reckon.

Have you been to the APGS arvo sessions? how do you think kids would go there? I know the minimum age is 13 but at other fields tends to be all the die hards going to the late sessions.

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