3d file of m4 receiver

Does anyone have a CAD, STL, or some sort of 3d file for an m4 upper and lower receiver. Preferably as close to possible to the Jinming gen9? Not to fussed about the inside accuracy, mainly the outside of it so I can design some stuff to go on it.


I’d like this too…
Thingiverse has a lot but they’re all Airsoft or solid models only…

I’ll have to have another look on thingiverse then. I’m only wanting it to plan external additions so even a solid one would do. There wouldn’t be much difference between an AS one and a gel blaster would there?

You’d hope it’s not too different… They’re all going for AR-15 realism so it should be close (externally speaking)

Still can’t find one that is even remotely close… Perhaps I’m using wrong search terms…

Seems like thingiverse is down atm but try the grabcad community…

Here’s every piece on an AR-15 for example (check the uploaders description for the links to the parts):

Another possibility (this one is probably easier to work with):


DUDE! you’re a legend. :heart_eyes:

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