3D Printed Magazine

For those who were playing along here: The P90 project

My 3D printed magazine arrived Friday and I’ve finally had a chance to fiddle with it, plus I had a look at the magazine too :joy:

The design itself is great, fits well to the blaster, feed tube lines up etc - no issues there. I actually think it looks better than the stock magazine. No glossy plastic finish, print lines look clean, it just looks good.

The priming spring is nice and beefy with none of the sticky, sloppy issues the factory one has. It sounds nice when moving it back to refill the mag and the visual indicator it provides is actually super nice.

It looks like it holds the same capacity of gels +/- a few as the stock V3 mag, so for anyone looking for an upgraded capacity this isn’t it. The adverts for it are a little misleading in that regard - it definitely holds more than a V2 mag, but the adverts dont specify they are comparing to a V2. If your familiar with the P90 you would realise that when you see the ads but for the people new to them its easy to be mislead by that claim.

The feeding motor is printed separate to the shell and held in place with some screws. I have not had a look at the internals yet to see it they have modified the feed system at all (P90 owners will know how frustrating it is to only be able to use 2/3 of a mag before having to shoot the roof/floor to get it to load) due to a slight issue.

Remember that beefy priming spring? It looks like it puts the motor compartment under constant tension. My magazine has delaminated the print right there, and I don’t want to glue it up and try use it before I hear back from Zhenduo so I can’t comment on its actual performance yet.

Bit of a shame (and I hope it’s a one-off issue because these are gorgeous) but it does appear to be a design flaw. If you buy one of these i would suggest being very careful about releasing the priming spring with no gels in the mag.

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ahh poop…

the capacity was my primary reason for ordering.

boo to the delam too. thats not cool

Looks would definitely be the only reason to get one of these anymore. And it does look good!
Too bad about the delam. Surely they will replace or refund.
I recently finally got my v3 mags.
And since I now have some V2 mags sitting around, I’m going to convert the V2 mags to tracer mags. UV LEDs fit perfectly in the wasted space area of the V2 mags on the sides. :grin:

Now… where did I put my soldering iron?
I know I just had it in… 2007. Might be a bit rusty. (The iron and me)
I’ll probably just paint the mag black afterwards. Rattle can style.




Sorry. Couldn’t help myself…