3d printed Outer Barrel Stabiliser for ACR J10 stl file included

Hi All,

Just got my J10 a few days ago and was looking at upgrades and found that 3d printed parts seem to have a price mark up of around 5,000% what a joke.

I own a 3d printer and thought that the point of the 3d printing community was about sharing not profiting.

So i have designed and printed an Outer Barrel Stabiliser for the ACR J10.

It’s a tight fit and works well to fix the outer barrel and cost 20 cents to print.

My blaster is spraying everywhere even with this so will be reading and asking questions on how to fix that in other posts. I’m enjoying so far and excited to get going.

click below link for the stl file


Any chance if just the stl file

Yes click on the link

@excalibre Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing but unfortunately I don’t have access to a 3 d printer. Would you be interested in making one for me? I would be happy to pay all costs including shipping and something for your time.

Can you show a pic of it pls?
Im guessing you didnt include a screw?
If so does it slide around when you reassemble.

And where do i send my 20 cents lol nah how much??

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No screws, it clips on the outer barrel, nice and snug.