3D Printed Parts

Looking on Monkee Mods website, I see a lot of 3D printed parts like handguards and buttstocks.

I seem to remember seeing a post on here about the properties of the plastic 3D printers use, how it handles heat, etc. I got the impression it wasn’t a very good option for large parts cos it’s a bit unstable.

Is 3D printing an option for handguards like the triangular M16 ones? No-one seems to stock them anymore.

I know it would need a lot of sanding and painting to get it looking good, but would it be strong enough in the high stress mounting points?

You could use abs then treat it with acetone vapour.
Wont be as strong as a moulded part but will be stronger than pla. Heat is not really an issue as it would take near on 100 deg c to melt.
The main weakness is the layers detatching from one another with forcr. Acetone vapour helps the layers stick to eachother.
I strictly use resin 3d printing now for all my blaster prints. 0.05mm layer height helps a lot with layer adhesion


Yeah, that does look like a tight print… :+1:

I’ve considered fibreglass as an option, but damn… could I be arsed with all that? :joy:

PETG should be fine too—but won’t be as smooth (no acetone smoothing). That resin print looks amazing @Matth1000!

Cheers. Its from the nova elfin resin printer. I have spent a total of zero seconds setting it up or adjusting it. Has one moving axis in it.
I can fit 6 of those risers on the bed at once and it takes the same amount of time as if I was printing one.
The clean up is a bit more intensive than plastic printing but the finished product in my opinion is well worth it. @AussieByrd