3D printing a custom T-Piece, I just need a couple dimensions

I’m playing around with free CAD software to try and design a T-Piece for an HK416 that will fit the Mkth V2 AND a Gen9 cylinder head and nozzle. I’ve familiarised myself with the design tools enough that I know I can make one for 3D printing, I just don’t have a pair of calipers on me to check all the dimensions it will require.

Anyone who has some calipers and time on their hands, mind doing a couple of measurements for me?

I primarily need to know the radius of the end part of a Gen9 nozzle, secondary to that is the internal diameter of the cylinder tip, finally how far does the nozzle protrude beyond the edge of the gearbox at it’s full extension?

Once I have all of those measurements I should be able to create a 3D printing file which I will post for everyone’s use.

Also If anyone is interested in other custom T-Piece files, send me the dimensions you need and it should be pretty easy to knock one up.


Example of what I was playing around with

I just took some photos, hopefully some of these will help.


Exactly what I was after, thanks heaps mate much appreciated


EDIT: Updated drive link, now has two versions.

Prototype is finished, three different 3d print file types can be found in the drive link. Please bear in mind this is designed for an LDTHK416 receiver coupled with the old version of the MKTH V2 box using a Gen9 cylinder head (that doesn’t fit gen 9 T-pieces) ONLY. That being said it should be pretty easy to update the file so that it works with the newer MKTH V2 box.

It should have enough space to accommodate a Gen9 Nozzle and enough distance for the nozzle stroke while still JUST fitting into the unmodified 416 receiver. It also contains a 1mm barrel stop just past the feeding tube, so should be a simple plug and play for 9.5mm diameter barrels.

This was actually pretty tricky to make, and I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, there is a pretty good chance minor modifications will be required, so please don’t go and drop $100 getting it printed in f*cking Teflon or something.

If you DO print it and test it, please let me know any feedback you have. If you have a particular need to modify the T-Piece in some way let me know and I’ll give it a crack.

EDIT: Minor updates, now on version (4)


Updated with a second version that will fit the updated version of the MKTH V2 box that can use Gen 9 T-Pieces without modifications required.

If you purchased a MKTH box before or within two weeks of Low Guido’s video, you probably have an old version. If you have purchased one recently you most likely have the new version, though it’s not guaranteed as vendors may still be working through their original stock. If you’re not sure find yourself a Gen 9 T-Piece and see if it will slot into the end of the box.

Google Drive link below:


Awesome work @BlackoutAU

T-Piece 3D File for Jinming Scar-L Gen8 and Jimning M4A1 Gen8 please… :smile: :smile:

The MKTH won’t fit into either of those receivers sorry, so no point making a T-Piece for them.