3DG G17 Dive in and Mods

I have one of these stuck somewhere between here and china

Do the AS ones work with gels?
Because getting one from gelball undercover is fine but $15 postage for $20 product isn’t…

That one isnt AS and its free postage?

This is what I’m using.
It has to have enough protruding to push aside the gel retainer.


Annnnd their out of stock haha

5 bunnings later! i have one!

one left at the oxley store

for anyone getting one, you’ll need to do custom foam and its not as robust as a pelican or tool pro but entirely adequate.

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Anywhere else that has those loafers for sale? I actually bought one from a guy that custom makes them with his printer but I forgot his bloody details :man_facepalming:

Sticking slides and triggers?
Try loosening some gearbox screws about a half turn.

Hi , cruise , tryed that , didn’t do much , still sticking slide at times , I ended up increasing my spacer , to 8mm , the FPS dropped ???’ So Iam dropping down to 6mm and see , how is your 3DG going .

Strange. So few surfaces making contact.
Trigger on mine sticks sometimes. I traced it to that front tab that the slide pushes down. It doesn’t always come back up all the way… Might need stronger spring.

Low mag capacity makes it a cute toy.

Have several other projects on the go so havent touched it all week.

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If your slide is sticking, make sure your slide return spring is around the right way, and the rod is lubed up. The last few coils each end of the spring aren’t the same width. Worked for me!