3DG G17 Fixes (running discussions)

So it is clear that these blaster still have some issues to work out still but I still believe with some work we can get somewhere with them. So I thought lets put together a list of issues and fixes as we come across them to help everyone out.

Only getting several gels balls to shoot after reloading

There is a long feeder tube that takes around 8 balls to fill. When using initially or after clearing the tube the first magazine will only effective prime the feeder tube and a secondary reload needs to occur

The magazine is to be pack loaded until there is no further room for and gels ie shaking should have no rattles but do not over pack as a broke gel will cause further firing issues

Can not get a battery in magazine
The battery needs to be placed into the magazine first with the side with the yellow connector placed on the matching side with the yellow connectors, then hook up the terminals. The cover will still be hard to install but is meant to get better with time

Broken Gels and feeding jams
Use the hardest gels possible ie Ausgel Ultras and AKA’s
Controlled grow of gels - use only Ro/di or distilled water with a 3-4 hour grow time
Remove the barrel and check for bur behind the o-ring
Remove the barrel and check for bur on the end of the plastic threaded section
Lubricate feeder tube with silicone spray
Lubricate the gels with a silicone spray

Magazine pin will not lock into the return
Remove the battery and push the bottom plate until it locks into the lowest hole set

Gels not loading into the feeder tube
The magazine lock pin is disengaged by going into the magazine well and needs to stick out somewhat on at least one side - when the magazine pin is too short push it over to one side so that it can be disengaged, you will only be able to have it lock into one side when loading but this appears to be okay

Trigger failing to return after firing
The trigger safety mechanism can be poorly fitted and needs some heavy wearing in. Remove the battery/ magazine and pull the trigger heavily and quickly in a straight forward matter initially and then apply gentle sideways pressure to the trigger and repeat. It will take several hundred pulls but does seem to get there.

Gears stripping following jam

Gears stripping following firing without slide ontop
Do not fire without a slide - TACtoys claims voids warranty

Side safety disengages when trigger pulled