3DG G17 Mods share

Just thought I’d show off my mods.
I’ve had to ‘finish’ the blaster off to get anywhere near the advertised 180-200fps on TT’s website. It was getting 135 average out the box - very disappointing…
New tighter custom nozzle

7.0mm inner barrel ads 10mm to length
Reverse thread from spare J9 bits

It’s gone upwards of these figures but I’d say this is a fair representation

I’ve got a screw-on accessory under works in the paint shop, so there’s more to come.
What do you reckon!
I probably should mention that I’ve also added a spacer (7-8mm) approx behind the spring. That and the new nozzle did nothing to improve performance at best +5-7fps - I had to replace the nozzle after it broke so lucky I didn’t spend hours stuffing around on it for nothing.

Fps increase is all in the right bore, and possibly the extra length. Too much effort to do the physics on ratios for piston and barrel volumes right now.

A lathe definitely helps boring out that barrel tube too, I wouldn’t attempt it with a hand drill unless you want frustration.

Needs a black paint job, just for fun