3DG G36 accessories

I was looking at some parts for a build and wanted to know what you guys think about these parts?


yay or nay?


Noiiiiiice :sunglasses:
The circlip in the optic looks annoying though, may just be the pic🤔
Could replace it with a spring clip

Or you could spin it to the bottom and have no issue.

I’ll get a couple in

This blaster needs accessories to make it interesting!

It doesn’t look like it would obscure the sight, but it out weird to use that type of clip there.

I had a crack on a mate’s 3DG G36, I was kind of impressed for what it is. Pretty solid nylon construction, you can change the spring out the back door in seconds, select fire modes. Would be a solid game day blaster.

Buy one mate. An old member bought one of these for his XWE G36c and had some pretty serious drama getting it to fit. Obviously, yours is a different brand but, now this is just a hunch, I reckon it won’t be ‘bolt on’.

I’m going to test out a sample first guys but they are not cheap! If it works ill buy a few and try to get a cheaper price so it can save you g_n nuts money :crazy_face:

What kind of damage on the optics? (only has to be rough estimate) Have shown a mate and he’s interested in that.

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See if you can get the KAC flip up rails :ok_hand:

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i’ll let you know once it lands but maybe about the $150-175 price.

depends on the price the guy gives me when i order bulk?

also i want to see quality first because i want you guys to get good value!

is KAC the brand?

i can get some 5KU stuff but i’ll let you know