3DG, it’s better than I thought

Well , like every body else , feeding problems , this and that , gave it a clean and lube , made shore their way no binding , magazine a clean , AKA gells through it , welllllllll, magazine after magazine 6 to 7 magazines through it , no problems, no chewed up gells , no blockages , only problem was the gell loading door finger nails not long enough, had to use a nail to pop it open .


Just wondering, how do I lube this blaster?

Oh thank god, I just tapped the gels out of t price and lubricated my gels with dish liquid after mine started jamming. Is working a charm now, thank you! It isn’t a failed blaster

Bloody hell don’t get my hopes up :joy:. I really wanted to get one of these but that other thread convinced me otherwise. Don’t start again :joy::joy:

I’m just emptying mags, all I used was dish liquid on my gels and get max 1 misfire per mag.

I don’t like the idea of using dish liquid on my gels tbh :thinking:

How many shots you getting per mag now. Fps ect?

Hi , I just put another 5 mags through , went ok , I think it’s about keeper it clean as well , super clean it’s a cracker , dirty mag it’ll pay up , keep at it every one , let us know your tips and tricks

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People are saying to lube the feeder tube with silcon lube spray, i keep hearing aka’s for the hardness but arnt ultra’s meant to be twice as hard? why arnt people using them?

Because they only just came back on the market last week after a long wait

I have 5 bags of ultras and the g17 meant to be coming on monday…

The ultras are great. You just only get half the amount of the normal bags :roll_eyes:. Same price though…

Just went back to check, yeah they sell it by weight rather than balls, so you think its around 5000 per bag?

Hi Fred ,would you mind to share a short video here ,I just want to see the difference with what we have got (the yellow slide ),thank you !

Normally 1 pack of armortech greens 4/5 fills a 3l juice bottle. I’d say ultras have 1/2-2/3 of what you get in greens. 2 packs of ultras overfilled the bottle by a couple hundred gels as they were growing

@Fred :+1: :+1: :+1:

You did beat me to it, LOL
What fps are you getting?

It’s only a yellow slide no difference between them

150 -160 FPS , hope to get better over time.

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when you take the slide off what kind of fps are you getting then?

I am wondering if ths blowback mechanism is robbing the fps?

Fred. Does the blowback world by a near in the side of the blaster near the mag release or by a rod in the back of the piston area?