3DG. Still at ,multiple magazines

Multiple magazines through the 3DG today , multiple recharge of battery to, an occasional miss fire , [ bad or broken gell ] it loves to be lubed up , FPS 155 -156 , loves AKA gells , any word on the barrel o ring yet , Iam still waiting.

Mine came today - jams using ultras and akas.

Have tried WD silcon lube, jambing the mag full and charging the batteries.

Also the trigger is not returning and you have to either pull it forward to reset or pull it again (and sometimes again and again)

When it is shooting there seems very little accurary

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Hi , take it back , must be a bad one

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I have contacted them and they have asked me to do a video and then they will show it to one of their techs and get back to me in 72 hours.

So probably a silly question. But how does the mag work? Is it just a hole in the top of the mag with a spring? Or some sort of setup? Not actually been able to find any videos that show it

there is a hole at the top with a spring and plate setup but when you put the plates pins in the lock postion it pulls something over the top hole enough so the gels dont come out of the top, you load it up through a side port.

Issues aside these feel amazing and really solid, if they can sort their shit out it would be worth the money.

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Hope to see someone run 6-7mm gels and see if that’s better

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Despite the issues it has in still tempted to get one as I want a blow back but don’t want to have to deal with gas yet. :joy: but not sure if I can justify that much money on something that’s difficult to fix, run or lacks parts/upgrades as of yet. I’d love to see a version of this that has 180-200 fps. Relatable feed and an extended mag. I’d be all over that then.

The electric blowback is actually quite well done - its just the feeding/shooting issue (you know, what a blaster is suppose to do).

With the blow back and how nice it feels i think people will work out ways to get it to work, i wouldnt jump on yet but i think in a month or three people will work around its kinks.

Id also wait until tactoys arnt the only ones selling/servicing it

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Hope they do work it out + parts ,

Their website said they are the exclusive distributor for this version.

lol wait until the next version then :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’m not a fan of tactoys with the amount of people I see having issues with them. Granted. Tac edge i’m not a huge fan of either. You can get cheap stuff sure. But so far I’ve bought 3 blasters from them. And had 3 broken blasters delivered I’ve had to then fix. My gen 9 being so bad the guys I got to fix it in the end gave me a new gearbox and said the other want worth fixing (and they blocked me on Facebook cause I said I preferred armortech gels in my blasters. Apparently to them it’s considered advertising a vendor that isn’t them :roll_eyes:. )

If someone like azreal armoury had been selling a version I wouldn’t have had an issue getting one. I’m really hoping they do continue the line and just upgrade it till it’s perfect. I really don’t want to deal with gas yet :joy::joy: