3kmod.com are they legit?

sorry if this is the wrong place but im having a hard time finding info. i ordered some items from 3kmods.com and it said the item was complete but the tracking they have given me has been pending since last thursday which means they havent sent it. I have tired to contect them on facebook and by email and no replys and there last facebook post was 2 months ago. Has anyone brought anything from them before and if so lately? I understand that because of the virus things are a little slower but that really shouldnt effect people replying to facebook/email and they didnt accept paypal so i had to pay by card so if i did get scammed id rather contact my bank sooner then later

I haven’t dealt with them personally but they do look pretty dodgy :thinking::japanese_goblin:

They look like they’re an overseas company

they have an ebay store that says they are aussie based and has good feedback but didnt have the items i wanted so i had to buy from there store.

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Got a parcel from 3k Mods last week, postage came from SA,

no problems with them at all and will order from again if need to


I also received parcels from them, but they are slack with communication and the parcels just ended up showing up


Yeah i placed 2 orders with them after someone posted a link on this forum.
Havent received the items yet , ( but the post is slow as we know and tac edges stuff from same time hasnt arrived) , but i have spoken to the guy there to get my orders bundled , he got back to me and even gave me a future shipping discount code.
They had some stuff no where else Ive seen had.
The tracking numbers arent that helpful right now , but im confident ill see my orders.

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this is what im thinking. but everyone i know had never heard of them so i wanted to make sure i wasnt getting scammmed. seems like it mite just be a case of wait and see

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how long did they take to reply to you and how did you contact them if you dont mind me asking?

I got things from tac edge on friday and they turned up yesterday same with xforce i havent really noticed much difference with postage times but I did have the a package delivered on sunday which was strange.

I live 10 mins froms from X force, Spent over $100 on an order so I decided I would just get it shipped to help the social distancing thing, that postage took 1 week

Currently waiting on a part from Tac edge, got the tracking Monday Lunch time and apparently they haven’t dropped it off yet according to the tracking (I’m sure they have)

Postage is definitely being effect everywhere, they even annouced it on the website and on the news

2 days later i think at most.

owned out of canada

paid extra to hide their identity (company or personal)

how did you find this out? and if true i guess they send from canada then the tracking number that is pending when hits australia will become active?

domain name registrar

Just opened up a delivery from 3k, they post quick to me as they operate from Grange South Australia which is 30m drive away. 2-3 days. Got another free hopup :+1:


Yeah south australia as far as i know

I have talked to him via FB Messenger. He replied a few days later, but it was discussing a mod he did, not about a purchase

I would like one of his Well CQB hopups but not wanting to buy one yet

yeah i got a hopup they make for my saw and some pom piston heads that are sold out everywhere

I’ve ordered from them on two occasions and absolutely no problems with either order. Products were posted from Sth Australia. I would have to say the main problem will be Australia Post’s inability to handle increased volume.


News tonight had a story about how swamped AusPost is

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