480 motor into stock gen 9 grip, working test

Thought I’d share this tin arse moment…I’m not sure if anyone’s done similar?

So can’t find a suitable 460 motor for a gen 9 build I’m planning.
Thought I’d see how I could fit a 480 motor into the stock grip of the gen 9. Both motors are almost identical in length, so I just found a v2 base plate that matched up with the stock gen 9 mounting holes.
Dropped it in and thought I’d hear all kinds of screeching…but it worked just fine lol

I’m going to trim the v2 base plate to match the gen 9 as there slightly different and see how bevel to pinion shimming goes.
Let me know if you’ve done the same and what you did, cheers


@Hiroshima_screamer How did you go in the end? I want to do the same thing to fit a titan motor in mine.

Good, just get a 480 base plate and it’s as simple as that :+1:t4:


do not buy a titan motor…they are shit!!!
plastic mount for the brushes spring mount is so dodgy

Not plastic , they might look like plastic but are rock hard ceramic posts :wink:

well mine broke as soon as i put it in the grip…got a full refund from monkeemods

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I have two M130’s and although they are not the best motors around, they run very well especially for $24.50AU


I was so upset with mine…gone with M160 now…super happy

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Yes the M150,M160 and M180 are very nice motors.
These are one of my favorite right now and identical to the M150 :+1:


ive had a hard time finding grips that fit it right so i stick with the standard j9 grip any one know of any the fit it correctly

I’ll let you know how this goes when it arrives https://www.chgbbs.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=461&search=grip&description=true
looks like some light modification is needed