480 motor on gen9?


Can a 480 motor fit properly on a gen9? I tried. It fits but I had to loosen the grip screws holding the motor and sometimes it comes off, which is annoying. This also makes setting the motor height difficult.

Did somebody else here try fitting a 480 motor on a gen9?

Also, can a 460 motor fit on a gen8?

Don’t bother with a 480 there are 460 motors that are beastie enough to shred your gearbox I’d recommend the haichi 31000 rpm 11.1v it’s red and black bit pricey but it’s a weapon

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I’m pretty sure it’s the motor/grip base plate. If you pull out your grip base plate then look up a photo of and airsoft one, you can see that the gen9 base is a little more raised to accomodate the smaller motor. I don’t really know if this will work but it’s probably worth a try.