480 Motor Options For a HK416D

G’day fellas, I’m just chasing some options on a motor upgrade for my LDT HK416D. I’m running 18:1 metal gears,1.3 spring, plunger with metal ladder gear and alloy head, alloy cylinder head and nozzle. I don’t want to go overboard with the ROF but a bit quicker that standard would be nice. I’m currently running 11.1v. Also would anyone now what RPM the stock motor is, I can’t find it anywhere?
Cheers in advance

Several mods you have done there alright.
Just be careful not to overdo them though, the LDT V2 gearbox shell is not designed for big upgrades, it will easily break after a short time. Main reason I will not be upgrading my 416D gearbox at this stage.

Yeah no worries I’m not trying to push it too hard. It’s my go too if I have a breakdown. have read about cylinders pushing upon the housing, is there anything else I should know about. My main issue I’m trying to correct is accuracy. It wasn’t too bad at first but after probably 2 weekend skirmishes accuracy went out the window before any mods. I’ve tried a few hopup’s with minimal success.

The HK416 uses the Warinterest nylon gearbox which looks good at first glance with the extra padding around the cog area and the front nozzle but it is hard to upgrade. It wouldn’t take my Gen9 upgrade kit.
The other thing is it doesn’t have a quick release main spring release from the rear of the gear box. You have to try and put both halves of the gearbox together, juggling a anti reverse lever, jumpy trigger switch with a 1.3 main spring.

what head and nozzle have u got? the stock nozzle and head was very poor in my blaster. bad seal and drilled off center. I think it is the reason mine has poor accuracy.

grab a tight bore barrel 7.2