480 motor recommendations

Chaseing recomdations on 480 motors, looking fornone that not going to drain the battery. Looking at the m150 chihai. Has anyone used one or know of a good motor to run

This is a great motor, exactly the same as an M150


I am in aust, where can u get them apart from that website

Basically the identical motor just gold


You can run it on 8.4v or 11.1v .
On 8.4v it is very gentle on the battery

The red one was rhe one i was asking about. I am in aus and dont think it make it through customs that why i ask was there somewhere else u can get it. I heard the m150 and a awsome motor that why i was looking at one

I would also suggest a good quality battery


https://gelballundercover.com.au/product/nano-tech-turnigy-â– â– â– â– â– â– â– -1-2-25-50c-3s-lipo-battery/

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The red one is the identical motor to the gold one, you pay a premium price in Australia :frowning:
I order those red one in from China all the time and never had an issue with customs.
If you want it quickly choose the fast freight option and it takes a week to arrive