4S DSG Carnage + some 50RPS goodness

Some 14.8v DSG carnage for all you sick puppies.
I swear this thing hit 80-90 RPS in its short 3 trigger pull life. I should’ve upped the spring strength.
Destroyed my new Retroarms piston :man_facepalming:t4:

6:5/1 DSG
Teinly 35k

On a brighter note, 4S + 32TPA (16k) punching out
50 RPS


Taking notes.
Have yet to fit DSG.
Undecided as to which blaster to use as guinea pig, :woozy_face:


Nicely done, or is that, hmm, no, yes, nicely done.

Six point five to one dee-s-gee very nice indeed. I’m simply ‘not’ insane so I’ve chosen to remain on the safe & sane side with 14.09:1

Thank you for your videos, I’m enjoying and learning as I do so, you pushed me over the edge with two of my recent purchases, I was there, but a shove had me dumping in cart my Motor and MOSFET combo, nicely done.

AND I’m a Rotary NUT, nicely done once more



Was that the piston you just acquired?


Ahhh but I brought 4 :wink:


Other than from the retroarms site which is sold out know anyone else selling those pistons? Or have you bought every place out of them haha

Resupp May have some, other than that.

Powair6 has them but $50 freight…expensive but I got them in 5 days from France so in the current COVID restrictions that’s gold.

A lot of European AS sites have them.


I already checked resupp and the dont seem to stock pistons and powair6 are out of stock. Any other recommendations on decent light pistons for this kind of build

You could take a good quality piston and remove some stock from it. That might work?

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Just use any nylon piston…

Here’s one I did ages ago when I first started DSG builds.
$6 piston and $13 piston head.
Swiss cheesed and still going :muscle: strong.


Alright i like the sound of that much easier than hunting around for hens teeth! Cheers again @Hiroshima_screamer

Hey Michael, I have a Brand New SHS Light Weight 14 Metal Tooth Piston for sale if you would like. I decided to go a different way and no longer require it, if you do, you know where to find me.

OK I’ll pm you @SlingShot

we have pom dsg pistons in stock. But wouldn’t recommend them. They are too brittle and crack easily.