6 mil or 8 mil head and nozzle

Hi guys,
What is best for FPS a 6 mil nozzle or an 8 mil nozzle. I was thinking maybe the 6 mil because it is compressing the air through a smaller hole which would create a higher velocity. Also I see GBA have that all in one stainless cylinder and head which is based on a 6 mil nozzle so if they have gone to all that trouble to make an all in one unit to be the best wouldn’t they know that 6 mil is better?

6mm would be from the airsoft/ Aeg world which is why there are so many parts (including all in one cylinders). I’d love an all in one 8mm cylinder. Perhaps when @MKTacticalHobbies has a moment to scratch himself it could happen :wink:

scratching myself now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Seriously though I’ve heard of modders using 6mm heads already…apparently it gives a nice FPS boost.
Our box is compatible with both standard V2 cylinders and cylinder heads as well as Wells style gel blaster cylinders/heads


The same amount of air… such as in one of our cylinders with the piston/plunger fully drawn back… when forced thru a smaller outlet will have higher velocity… the air going out of the 6mm nozzle into a 6mm barrel will maintain the velocity… if it leaves the 6mm nozzle and goes into a 7.5 mm barrel, the velocity will slow…

So, my guess is that a 6mm nozzle suits a 6mm (airsoft) barrel and an 8mm would suit our 7.5" barrels.

My thoughts would be when the appropriate nozzle size and appropriate barrel size are used in conjunction with the correct size/capacity cylinder, and the system is sealed (no leaks) the system will be most efficient and the FPS will be greatest :+1:


I’ve got an all in one cyclinder their awesome using it for my customs SLR build. But couldn’t tell you if the one GBA has made is good or not but their definitely not the first to make one. Mine is made by shs and had it sent from Airsoft shop in USA

Here is a pic of some spare cyliner/heads I have showing the difference with the appropiate tappet plate to go with them.

  1. Is a Warinterest
  2. Is a APS
  3. Is a V2/gen9
    4 Is a Wells

This is why I am so confused and have to stop buying extra parts.

All have the same length cylinder except the Wells which is only 69 mil but has a longer head to give the extra throw which ends up being the same total length. Also looking at the Wells it’s tube built into the head is way shorter than the others and I have noticed because of its long travel it must suffer some leakage because the nozzle tip is right on the extremities at full travel.

You can also see the difference in the tappet plate profiles and the extra length of number 3 which is the V2/gen9 one. It works in a gen 9 but not an APS box which is suppose to be a V2 box so who knows?

Gotta luv this moding?

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Hi @MKTacticalHobbies

This gearbox of yours looks pretty awesome. Never herd about it till now. You could of saved me a shed load of money. A couple of questions.
First how is the mag connected for power and what mags are compatible?
Second what t piece is needed to connect to the inner barrel and do you supply the item.
Also on this note what selector plate fits and any other ancillary items. eg: do Gen 9 parts fit?
Lastly I have a metal M4 receiver, do you think this gearbox will fit. The APS does, I have already tried it. But I want a proper dependable gel balster box, not that bittsa box.
Cheers Brad

Sorry one extra question which is pretty silly of me to forget after showing all these cylinder/heads. Which one is best suited to your gearbox?

THANK YOU :slight_smile:
We only just launched 2 weeks ago so its still fairly unknown. Spread the word :wink:
We supply a mag connector plate
Figthing Bro metal T piece sometimes they also call it a Wells T piece, Warinterest T piece, We are testing some others but these are confirmed for now. We do not supply them but they are available in most Aussie blaster stores and Aliexpress etc
V2 and Wells Selector Plate…and pretty much the same for everything else.
Could not tell you about the metal receiver especially since you didn’t specify the brand. For illustration we used SLR receivers as benchmark since they are probably the tightest receiver around but still I cannot guarantee a receiver that we haven’t had chance to test…

APS is a V2 standard box and will not work too well with gel blasters without modifications. Gen 9 is not.
in response to your next post…All APS internals will work with our box, the main difference is our shell is a gel blaster shell so it will work in gel blasters without modification.

Thanks, so do you recommend using Wells parts for the internals or using V2 airsoft internals or better still are you going to launch a line of products to go with this beautiful box?

Wells if you want easy as 1,2,3 V2 if you want superpowers :slight_smile:
With V2 you have to modify the fin on a V2 airsoft tappet plate but you will have a huge choice of quality internals…its not that hard to modify the tappet plate…SHS v2 tappet plate will work very well as the fin is wider so its kore suitable for gel blaster style fin.
We may launch a limited range of products to go with the shell but that is at least 3 months away


So Doc did you make a Wells size cylinder head but put a 8 mm (Gen9) nozzle shaft on and nozzle to go with? That would sell like hot cakes if you have. :star_struck:

Hi MK Tactical, just wondering if a jingji Slr cylinder head and Nozzle is also compatible?

@Hiroshima_screamer may be able to answer that one

Ok so SLR cylinder head fits in the V2 but you need a V2 tappet plate in a V2 CNC gearbox.

I believe SLR is gen8/9 style tappet plate, pretty sure the nozzle won’t fit a v2 tappet either.

I can’t confirm 100% as I have so many tappet plates I can’t remember which one is from the SLR box.

Or you have the option of the CNC Hybrid 92 now as well
Probably just better of buying a cylinder head that you know will work.

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I confused.
They not 8mm or 6mm.
The stems are smaller,

So even though the slr gearbox is shaped like a v2 box the tappet plate won’t fit in the cnc mk.
What is it that prevents it from fitting? Width? Low quido had to narrow the wells plate to fit the aps box, I’m just wondering if it’s a similar fitment issue or the tappet plate geometry is completely incorrect?

Sorry, it will fit inside no issues.

But it’s a different length to a V2 tappet plate

So the pick up and release point will be different on the sector gear, so there will be timing difference.
So the nozzle may not be in fully sealed when the piston fires🧐. I’ve never tried so I’m only guessing, try it and see what happens then let me know the results.

This is why the MK box which is specifically for gel balls is better than buying an airs0ft v2 box. Everything looked great like that when I did a partial assembly but then when you put the top cover on the airs0ft box the V2 tappet plate is too long and hits on one of the internal ribbing structures so you don’t get full tappet length travel. See pic below. However if you use a Wells tappet plate it is shorter and you don’t have this problem. Both are suppose to be V2. No wander why this modding business is a confusing game.

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