6mm vs 8mm Head and Nozzle

I have spent quite a lot of time testing the 6mm vs 8mm debate and below are my results.
Take from it what you want but I believe there are great benifits to the 6mm setup, it will allow a smaller spring to achieve the same fps so will create less stress and and Less amperage draw :+1:

All tests were with 75% cylinders and 7.3mm id S/S barrels .
6mm vs 8mm head and nozzle
8mm 1.40mm spring 380fps
6mm 1.40mm spring 415fps
8mm 1.25mm spring 350fps
6mm 1.25mm spring 380fps
8mm 1.15mm spring 300fps
6mm 1.15mm spring 340fps
8mm 1.00mm spring 280fps
6mm 1.00mm spring 310fps


So is the 8mm the Gen 9 set up?

Gen 9 t piece on the 8mm yes

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It makes sense, the smaller diameter gives a higher velocity with increased pressure.

It creates higher pressure which increases velocity :+1:
Some were saying this would hold it back not being able to supply the volume required for our larger dia. Gels , but it seems from my testing that this is not the case.

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Sorry yes Higher pressure as it passes through the smaller diameter nozzle :+1:

I’d love to swap gearboxes, how are you getting 280-300 fps out of such a small spring?? Whats the secret sauce haha

It’s actually a curse, I want them to be at 280fps but can’t find a spring small enough :rofl:

you’ve done too good a job on them.
I thought I had mine sealed good, Vector and Titan both at around 270 but with 1.2mm spring. And I agree I don’t want higher FPS as accuracy goes to crap. It would be very nice to get that out of a 1mm spring and take all the strain off the box.

The barrel is the key to performance :+1:

This is my latest build off the bench , it is a fully modded Kublai K2 , 6mm head and nozzle and to get it down to 275fps I had to use a shortened 1mm spring :grin:

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nice, so what barrel do you think is best. I got a good Stainless 7mm and hated it, then a 7.2 alloy which was the same, good FPS increase though. Tight bore seems to give crap accuracy. Using alloy 35cm 7.5mm now in the vector and left the stock stainless in the Titan.

The stock Titan barrel is crap !
I use these in everything now , super sweet barrels and immediate increase in fps.


what gells do you normally use, the standard gold pack milkys or LDT milkys. I like the LDT’s. You still get good accuracy from the 7.3??

I also like the LDT’s , for the 7.3mm barrel I check them at 2hrs and pull them at 7.2mm.
This is by far my favourite gel still.
My Vector and APS Azraels are deadly accurate, nothing beats them .


you bugger, you’ve got me on a shopping spree again, cause you can’t just buy one thing haha

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what hop up do you like the best??

Everyone allways blames me for spending their money :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Hop ups mmm , well I use a few different ones depending on what they are going on.
My Vectors both have Rizer r1 nylon
MPX has Rizer v2 nylon
Titan has a DK J10 screw on
Kublai has a DK J10 screw on
They all work perfectly at lower fps like I use.
The DK J10’s need a lot of hop, almost maxed out.

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Also when you fit new barrels allways make sure you have around 12mm of inner barrel protruding to go fully into the hop up

thanks for the info, your worth more money :wink:

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