7mm tightbore with glow gels and hop up with glow gels

Does anyone know if glow gels will work fine in a tightbore barrel?

Also does anyone know if glow gels work fine with a hop up? I have a rizer nt1 hop up outer barrel extension that I’ll use with the tracer unit but it’s a bit useless if the glow gels don’t work with the hop up because I got the hop up specifically so I can use a tracer unit and a hop up.


You will have to measure and control gel size growth, same with any gels going through a tight bore barrel. Glows are a little more forgiving before they break

Okay so as long as I control the growth the should work fine in a tight-bore and I’m assuming they’ll be fine in a hop up. That’s good because I ordered some and didn’t know if they would work with my barrel. Thanks.

I got the nt1 on my ump45 with a 7.3mm barrel and works fine. I dont control gel growth. Thats why i went 7.3mm.

No problems with glow gels.
Barrel is 7.0, glow gels ~7.2.
AT yellows which also average 7.2 up find have issues with 7.0 barrel.
I suspect it’s because the ATs are harder.