A call for order. State reps, Technical hands,

Hey Gel Ballers!
Last week the community hit a milestone with it’s first 1000 visitor day. This has spurred me on to re-iterate that purpose of GBF and to make a call out to you community members.

Gel Blaster Forum was created as an independent resource for enthusiasts to document their builds, the journey, the wins and fails, and help unite the users old and new on the sport. It’s not a new thing to do… there are forums out there for most hobbies. It doesn’t replace Facebook groups, those are great for instant answers… but are terrible at indexing information.

Being independent (not owned by a retailer, etc) provides users with peace of mind that the advice is impartial and non-biased. Yes, there is a Vendor’s section and there are retailers in it which have committed to delivering news and customer support to the community at the source. This list will grow as we roll out the Finder (See this for inspirationion).

We need more:
State reps - 10 or so per state. These are regular peoples that are actively online and look forward to the weekend’s pew pew events. They show signs of withdrawals when it’s a rainy day, they’re approachable come game days, they’re not necessarily the most knowledgeable when it comes to technical but they’ll add their 2c and filter the conversations to the appropriate category for the brain trust to action. Message us if that sounds like you!

Technical developers - We have an ambitious roadmap ahead. Any devs that can wield a blaster in one hand and assist us to roll out features with the other please apply. Basic JS, PHP, html keeps things in order as the stack is relatively simple. Message us if that sounds like you!

Vendors - We love you guys, you bring us the best toys. If you’ve invested in the proliferation of Gel Blasters (online or shopfront), Provide a service (repairs and mods) or are a Developer of Gel Blaster products… Message us if that sounds like you!

hey mate is there another way to contact you as I don’t have Facebook

Ma bad… Click on my name/ profile and the Message option should be there :pray: