A change is as good as a holiday, so they say

Started out about 12 months ago with a Wells, modded that until I got around 300 fps. Then tried the all-metal build. Put one together from AS parts with a few Wells parts to make it work, got consistent 400 fps. Accuracy over any distance not great though. Hop-ups will fix that, they said. Tried two different ones, no difference or even worse. So thought I’d go back to putting together a “better” Wells from the 3 I’d bought and all the parts I’d accumulated. Nylon receiver, nylon gearbox, with the usual mods. Ended up with a nice light, reasonably accurate blaster that would do consistent 300+.

Then I saw the Alpha Kings. I like the M4 platform, but boy, they did look nice. So I get the “goldilocks size” one. Not too big, not too small, the 74MS. Low Guido gets a 105, it does 280 out of the box, metal gears, shimmed, 1.3 spring, etc. This should be good I thought, maybe just do some cosmetic mods.
So, after finally getting the battery in, what does the chrono say? 220’s to 240! And that’s when the magazine is actually feeding gels :cry: Put it back in the box and went to the beer fridge.

Next day I pull it apart. I find a spring that is 1.2 to 1.25 thickness, and pretty ordinary on the spring dyno. The bevel gear shaft seems to have taken a liking to it’s bearing - it doesn’t want to part from it :confounded: But it seems to spin quite freely so I put it back in for now. Put another 1.25 spring in that’s about 5% stronger than the stock one. Try it again, 270 to 280. Now have to find a magazine that works consistently. Others have had this mag feeding problem with these too.

It reminded me of the post from @calcifer in the “what makes better blasters” thread where he described how these things get built. I think Low Guido got the one put together by someone who knew what they were doing. Mine was done by grandma after a few rice wines.