A DSG question about increased cyclic rate and feeding

Hello everyone, I want to play with a DGS setup, but considering the cyclic rate, how do mags go with feeding?

What kind of ROF you looking at?

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No idea to be honest, just havent built one before, so thought Id have a crack. I will only run it on 7v. Thought Id build a box and chuck it in my UMP to give it more of a SMG feel. Already basically finished the singularity box with proper internals then stole the piston head from it for a different blaster, so thought Id buy a SHS DSG gear along with the piston head I needed.

Firstly do a lot of research…and buy extra parts.
Secondly it won’t run on 7v, it won’t have enough juice to turn over a M170 or higher spring.
And get a good mosfet

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Thanks buddy, sounds like this may end up being a replacement project for the SLR over the UMP as I will use a V3 box I have here instead, assuming you mean a trigger style mosfet?.

Yeah bud, also make sure you have a CNC or metal box at least too.


Would customs get twitchy bringing in a metal housing?

Most probably, but you can source them locally if needed.

I know there is CNC based ones available locally, any other (cheaper) option you know of mate?

Hmmm not really, may be try and pick up a used APS shell or similar?
Just make sure you radius the corners on an APS box.

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