A epic discovery

ok peeps,
my mum is Taiwanese so she as access to all the Chinese info and stuff, so today i took here to the armoured heaven and she was all like, “ohh i know where to get these.” and shows me a app on her phone, fully in chinese. but i found LH AUGs, P90s, J11 AKs, ALPHA KING AKs and a crap tone more gel blasters, the greatest thing. they are real cheap. 86.46 for the LH aug, 82.33 for a vector v2. is epic.
the website is taobao.com. be warned its all in chinese.
update: ok so I know you might be thinking about customs and stuff, BUT, some dealers do “private packaging” where they cover the box in paper so its unidentifiable. so we might be able to get them in.

Prob wont get through customs if shipped from china though

true but hey, worth a shot?

Packaging might help…
I once got a pump-action BB g*n through cause it was shipped with a small trampoline (admittedly, this was around 15 years ago xD)

Legit illegal to import without a permit, not worth it.

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If it is caught in customs, if it is concealed… will probably be done for illegal G*n smuggling…

Try buying, just don’t ask to conceal or do anything ‘shifty’… not worth the repercussions to yourself or our sport in general…

No need for more negative stories on the news regarding our toys badluck puke2

100% what @Calcifer said.
And it does not matter what you wrap it in anyway, you realise they xray the boxes right?

Taobao is the same as aliexpress.

Sellers on Taobao once they have a good rating can pay a fee and post a bond then apply to be approved to be listed on aliexpress and sell international. Because of this, Aliexpress will guarantee you get your goods and do not give the seller the money until you say you have received the product. If you buy from taobao, there are no guarantees. Technically they are not allowed to sell overseas. That is why you usually have to use a broker / sort out your own shipping etc.

taobao is great but what the lads said about postage…can always give it a go

My comments on not concealing anything is that if cuztoms do hold it, you can simply ask them where your toy blaster is? If it was hidden or in a box lined with tin foil or some other method of disguising it… they will ask why your toy blaster had ‘bicycle parts’ or why it was somehow else attempted to sneak by them…

We have to remember that the authorities have xray machines with computers… so the computer will recognise the shape of things like the gearbox… I saw that on the news story… they showed an xray monitor and there was the spring and cylinder of a gel blaster… clear as day. The authorities will know exactly what they are looking for by now…

I would try buying something cheap… like a gearbox and see if it gets thru… but knowing you may not get it actually delivered without a fight? As long as it is a cost you are happy to loose if not successful :roll_eyes::+1:

Why not just apply for a B709 permit for personal import?

It’s kinda sad…
I can get a real g*n shipped in from Finland without anyone batting an eye but for you to get a battery powered plastic/nylon toy that shoots water/gel balls you will have to hope and pray or jump through a multitude of hoops for it to be guaranteed to arrive…
So stupid…