A little piece of info for new user re: co2 blaster

Haven’t notice anyone talking about this, so I thought I will bring it up.

if it is possible, when purchasing co2 cartrige make sure you always purchase the same make/model or what ever you would call it.

Reason being the top/tip are shaped differently between make/manufacturer, so if you use one type for a while then later change to another, it could cause leak due to the rubber seal being pressed into the shape of the previous cartrige tip.

I don’t think i’ve ever pulled apart and co2 mag to change the seals, so I am no sure how easy they would be to replace, so yah…
Also always keep that seal, or any seal for that matter in the pistol lubricated/oiled, this will help protect them from getting dry up by the gas.

Yep. Especially don’t leave them in when you’re not using it too.

got mine today, servicing the mag should be pretty easy. same tool as for the p1 mags to remove the valve. havent removed it but will likely be the same 3 o-rings in it.

then there are 2 o-rings on the bottom threaded one you screw into replace the co2 canister. 1 comes spare with the pistol. grease them up to make sure you dont pinch them. thread is pretty tight. the Tac Edge ones come with a warning about voiding warranty if you use anything other than 100% silicone lubricant.

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I made that mistake once =.=…

Which one did u get? And how does it shoot accuracy wise o.o??

Got the black hornet from tac edge. AKAs I’ve had for a couple of months are all over the shop so making up a fresh batch.

It’s pretty awesome.

Gotta strip the slide though. Noticing a bit of rubbing on the front edge of the chamber part of the outer barrel. It’s rubbing on the slide, mostly from when I did a few full auto bursts

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Yeah, I wonder how long these Shark pistols will last when running full auto a lot. Imagine will wear out a lot faster. Probably need more steel parts in them. They do look pretty cool on auto I must say.

Full auto is something I will rarely use but it’s cool for a bit of fun now and then

who needs full auto more on a pistol when you can just install this wondering creation :joy: