A Little Update About My Very Own MP5

Hey guys, I’ve finally received my MP5 and I have spent a good few days with it. It wasn’t exactly the best experience to be completely honest, you guys can watch the video to find out what the problems are, lol.


Mate, next time you tear it down… can you check if it’s using the same T Piece, Head and nozzle as the 416?

its a real shame Galapagos, but thank you for sharing this with us in advance :wink: much appreciated mate!

Hi BigWeetBix, it uses the same t-piece because its also a Warinterest gearbox. All products from LDT use Warinterest stuff, I think either they have a strategic partnership or they are the same company.

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Awesome. So that would mean the HK V2 could be used with the Kublai LDT head and nozzle.