A simple fix for XTP's poor blow back performance / slide not cycling fully

Public service announcement for new owners of the XTP / Shark GBB!!

This video is for people that may have experienced the following -

Blaster fires several shots and then fails to fire on trigger pull (hammer not cocked).
Slide fails to lock rearward on empty magazine.
Slide does not cycle fully rearward.
Low Recoil.

In my opinion its an awesome blaster, however there are a few annoying issues that can be resolved with a super simple fix.

There is certainly room for other issues to occur, however this worked a treat on my own blaster in addressing one particular problem so I hope this video helps others to avoid some unnecessary frustration.


Mate you’re a legend :+1::+1:
This will solve a lot of problems for a lot of people. ☆Super problem solving mate ☆


I hope so mate! These are awesome fun toys and we all want these things to be a success, even despite their flaws. If this little fix does the trick for a few owners then my work here is done!


Nice job mate👍


love that mag fix

i’m a p1s so have allot less play but still going to take that advice CHEERS!

in the back of my grip assy there’s a small channel that i’ll add the padding to instead of each mag.

what’s the inside of the mag well like on the shark? makes for a single fix rather than a per mag fix

Hey I just had a guy on my YouTube channel suggest that you can also resolve this issue by backing off the feed valve at the top of the mag by a small amount (unscrewing it a little). This should also help to close the distance between the valve and the hammer which should improve performance in the same fashion. Haven’t tried it yet myself but sounds like it could be a better solution than my tape jobby! Cheers!


your stabilisation option i think is a better fix because it firms up the seal between the mag and gbb unit

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Yeah possibly hey. Whatever works!


Magic tweak!

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Yeah I like that bro! Did it help at all?

unknown. i await a new nozzle but the mag itself is much firmer in the well

that guide i have is for the notch on the back of the mag

the slip i put in just fills that guide.

smooth as silk

great work GelSoft_Warrior

i used some alloy tape and put it in the back of the mag well as pictured fixed the same problem you had and i assume most will

please note i have 2 off these one for me and one for the boy his mag is slightly bigger and does not fit well but my mag fits both and works well

so take note if you have multiple mags they may be tighter in the mag well then some


Nice work. If you have the time add in some key points below the video and link them to the specific time in your video. Youtube bee loving you longer time then.

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Thanks mate, good idea! I was going to post a note to skip to the end for the fix but it was past midnight when I published it so I kinda just slapped it together!


Where are you getting the nozzle from? mine has a hole in the side

I await stock to land :frowning:
I have a D cup and the rest of you shark prats are circular

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