A stupid MilSim idea

ok ladies and gents I have a idea, a stupid one at best but it’s an idea. a week long MilSim gel soft match, 2 teams, a lot of land and a crap ton of gel balls. I’m talking camping, ambushes, hostage events, escort events, guerrilla warfare, TRANSPORT VEHICULAR DEVICES, ARMORED TRANSPORT VEHICULAR DEVICES, all for the low low price of 60 bucks.
what do ya think?

edit: ok a draft for the rules.
Rules of the house

  • age limit is 11-13+ with parental supervision (15-16+ is alright as long as they dont drive and/or drink)

  • no bright tips needed

  • No minimum engagement distance (so bang all you want, you either shoot or get shot so dont be all, uhhh he shot my nuts at point blank, if it hurts there is ice for you.)

  • Standard NATO rules of war apply (normal rules of war stuff, no rape/torture, no POW execution unless ordered to, blah blah blah, only one we would be violating is child soldiers)

  • If you served in the armed forces you can A. retain you rank that you had in the army/airforce/navy or B. become a squad leader/company/battalion leader or C. just play like normal.

  • foam melee weapons are allowed but if you have a real knife you must justify your possession of it.(if justification is not satisfactory it will be confiscated and given back to you at the end of the Milsim)

  • have fun, dont bitch and moan or try to start fights with the refs teammates or enemy players.

  • dont bully people and be a dick.

  • no offensive language and patches (lewd patches and not PC patches are fine, just no racist remarks or no no parts)

Legal rules

  • No elicit substances on premise. (alcohol will be supplied at camp by staff with a liqueur licence and WILL cut off anyone a little too tipsy)

  • No sexy fun times (includes no no pictures)

  • Don’t hurt people

  • if you get injured be sure to get help ASAP or get someone to help you or get help.(people with medic training would hopefully be there and teach you fundamentals of helping)

  • NO SPEEDING. you can uses your car but you must sign a waver declaring that if it is damaged its is the DRIVER’S FAULT, and if you car is seized by an enemy they are held responsible to what happens with your car and will pay full amount for expenses . (speed limit is up to 20 when in combat and 40 when just transporting to front lines.)

  • random drug tests will be conducted and bag searches will be carried out by law enforcement if you are suspected of having drugs.

how stuffs gonna role
you will sign a declaration saying that we (the hosts) aren’t responsible for any injury that may occur (unless if injury was dealt out by us) and that any law breaking stuff will result in your ass kicking out of the Milsim and reported to the police. if its a rule of war or cowardliness violation your NCO will deal with it (e.i firing squad) and that you consent to being subject of punishment(you also will be revived if punishment is a “lethal” punishment) a game rule being broken will result in a one strike, 3 and your out. also tents and cots will be supplied but it is recommend that you bring your own tent. food will be sold the canteen (both camps will get one) but you can bring your own food AND trade with others. if you wish to BYO alcohol, you can leave it in the canteen’s esky or just put it in your esky and label said esky saying its yours and then put that in the canteen, if you want to get a beer for your mate he has to come with you to get it, also there will be a drinking and smoking area in the camps because, you know, kids. a pseudo firing range will be active when operations are not active.

there will be a different operations each day (fri-sun = 3 operations) in each operation will be an objective, whether it escort, capture, execute or so on so forth there will be at least 3-5 objectives/missions. OR if we wanna get complicated, we can have multiple objectives active and have the commanders of each team lay out battles and stuff to complete said objective.

If you role play and be a team player exceptionally and if it is seen by a ref or commander, you may be selected to enter a raffle for prizes (gear, patches, merch, free food/drinks) that will be drawn every day by your teams general. Each team will have around a cap of 64-74 people, with a select 7 being commanders and a select 11-12 being squad leaders. The rest will be normal soldiers (and yes, commanders will have to battle and fight, they are just the ones that deal punishments, make battle plans and have intel) each day the general of the team will give a briefing on what will happen (around 9-10 am ish) and then they day will get started. (so we are looking at squads of 5-6 people with one being leader, one being medic and the rest being normal.)

death and medics
every 2 squads there will be a medic. they can revive you to get back in the fight, you can either lay on the ground when you are hit and wait for a medic, or go to a respawn point (red respawns = insurgents and blue = NATO) which will be in the nearest permanent strong hold.(a FOB or a captured town) or your base camp. you will be symbolized as dead by tying a white or hi-vis strip on your head, shoulder or some were visible and your blaster’s barrel. if you lose your “death strip” just moan in agony or be all “MeDIc Im DiEIng HeRE” or ask a ref for one. medics will have to untie your death strip while you untie the one on your blaster or if you are moaning medic must simulate a defibrillator and must take a minimum of 15 seconds (1 second = time to say 1 barramundi, 2 barramundi, ect)

Ammo and blasters
if you run out of ammo on the battlefield, your squad will have a member with at least TWO speed loader and hopefully you will also have one, strategic points like trenches (if we build any) and towns will have an ammo dump, if you blaster runs out of batteries you can suicide and tell a ref who will A. radio a dude with batteries or give you one and change out the old one for you. claymores and gel grenade can be used but the flash nades might be restricted for people with epilepsy.

TL;DR is that its like any MilSim just with cars and more people.
Also a poll,
tell me, what do you think about the stuff i just typed out

  • Not bad
  • Pretty Bad
  • Needs A Little Work

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this took me way to long to type.
also I’m not legally old enough to do this crap but I do know people that have liqueur licences so some one like @BigWeetBix or @LowGuido is gonna have to do this stuff.

edit 1:
so I emailed Karingal reserve, they said if I had been and all the normal things a Scout Reserve would say. im thinking maybe like a 2 nights/ 2.5 days (start Friday arvo and finish Sunday.) would be more ideal. also quick note im not gonna do this, this is just a proof of concept or like a place for inspiration and stuff. the reason is A. I’m still in school and B. I have no money or time, so some one can pick this up and do it but its just a little guide.

Keep talking…

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Yer what he said. Also… a Friday to Sunday would also be super attractive.

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agreed but would like to suggest that all those that join up submit be subjected to random drug testing as last thing I want is to get ambushed whilst sleeping because crackheads don’t sleep so would have an unfair advantage :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you’re not committed enough to supply your own speed…

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lol I wouldn’t worry about that I’m sure I’ll find the need…for speed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


noted, no druggos on the field

well Friday to Sunday would probably be the best time to pull this off. but a week is hitting proper air soft milsim levels of… well… milsim. also we need peeps like tac edge or m4a1 to come along.

and this is real fricking long

yep that’s what’s she said last night😜

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Yeah Milko, only she was pulling ‘your leg’ laughing%20(1)

So, where is this to take place? Which state? Where? pop


well obviously in Queensland, i’ll try to find land and stuff so.

also i’ll try to make it some where not far from brissy, sunny coast and gold coast.
but also keep in mind im not legally old enough to do this shit.

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Karingal scout reserve. Has some cabins there too :wink:

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hmmmmm, might check it out, also i saw some of gunnsheep’s milsim vids, i have something brewing in my mind and its becoming something.

Psychosis? :smile:
Hearing voices? :smile:

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Is it just me, or is anyone else scared too? der icon_e_ugeek chainsaw

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jeez, what with people thinking im a psycho?

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Murder ? Who said murder ?


ok yall, i just emailed Karingal scout reserve to see if we can rent out some land for 3-4 days next year. fingers crossed