Abbey Green 144a VS Abbey Red Ultra Gas - is there a massive difference?

Hey guys, found myself a spare hour where the Mrs and the kids aren’t home - so instead of you know… I did some tests on the Abbey Green 144a vs Abbey Red Predator on a bunch of different GBB blasters. These are all done with 3hrs Xforce Black Labels at 7.0-7.1mm.
The TEH Azreal TTI 2011 does not have the metal poppet.
Not all the possible combinations was tested because I wasn’t organised.

GE Hicapa Silver 4.3 - with GE Hicapa Mag
Green Avg 221.5, largest variation 16.2
Red Avg 246.9, largest variation 35.9

GE Hicapa Silver 4.3 - with Tactical Tomato Mag
Green Avg 242.2, largest variation 47.6
Red Avg 259.2, largest variation 50.2

GE 1911A2 - with GE Single Stack Mag
Green Avg 231.6, largest variation 30.8
Red Avg 251.2, largest variation 45.2

APS XTP - with DB G34 Mag
Green Avg 247.9, largest variation 56.1
Red Avg 263.0, largest variation 36.8

TEH Azrael TTI 2011 - with DB TTI 2011 Mag
Green Avg 181.6, largest variation 40.3
Red Avg 222.8, largest variation 26.2

TEH Azrael TTI 2011 - with Tactical Tomato Mag
Green Avg 193.1, largest variation 23.1
Red Avg 189.5, largest variation 44.0

DB TTI 2011 - with DB TTI 2011 Mag
Green Avg 290.5, largest variation 43.3
Red Avg 286.2, largest variation 42.9

DB TTI 2011 - with Tactical Tomato Mag (forgot I actually did this one but posted in another thread)
Green Avg 264.35, largest variation 24.5
Red Avg 296.65, largest variation 66.2

DB TTI G341 - with DB TTI G34 Mag
Green Avg 292.7, largest variation 36.7
Red Avg 282.3, largest variation 54

Most interesting to note is that whilst the Red Predator generally performs better than 144a, the exceptions are the DB blasters with their default mags and TEH Azrael TTI 2011 with the Tactical Tomato mag where the 144a outperforms Red Predator by a small (with the margin of error) amount.
Using an Acetech AC6000, there were some quirks with it - I’d say 1/10 of the rounds would not read even if it came in and out as one single piece. I got a read of zero - not that it didn’t read, but it displayed the round that went through it as zero fps.



I’ll see if I can run the other combinations of mags and blasters, maybe run it all with ultra elites again, CO2 numbers and TEH Azrael 2011 pre and post poppet change too (probably way to ambitious with the time I have).


The reason you are seeing higher numbers on weaker gas on some of your pistols is because of the strength of the hammer spring.
The ones that shoot faster on green R144a will have the weakest hammer springs.
When you use a higher pressure gas the valve needs to be hit harder to release the gas required to get good performance.


Would there be any potential future issues then with the weaker hammer spring?

No, it will just prefer the weaker pressure gases

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So… finally did most of what I wanted to do today.
Could not get CO2 numbers for TEH Azrael 2011 - the mag was not having it today, 2 rounds with good numbers then it shits the bed with low 50s but without leaks, and then back to somewhere in the middle with the next 2 shots.
I did manage to get the poppet changed - pretty exciting results.
The GE Hi-capa mag is not suitable for the TEH Azrael nor DB 2011 - the mag falls out with no way to insert it and have it catching. At least the Tactical Tomato mag catches but you have it have one hand pushing up from the bottom, so I did not end up using the GE mags for further tests.

APS XTP - with APS mag
CO2 Avg 291.1, largest variation 64.9

GE Hicapa Silver 4.3 - with DB TTI 2011 Mag
Green Avg 205.5, largest variation 39.6
Red Avg 262.6, largest variation 50.8

TEH Azrael TTI 2011 - with DB TTI 2011 Mag
Upgraded Poppet
Green Avg 249.1, largest variation 31.6
Red Avg 275.0, largest variation 32.4

TEH Azrael TTI 2011 - with Tactical Tomato Mag
Upgraded Poppet
Green Avg 264.7, largest variation 75.1
Red Avg 310.9, largest variation 47.9

As you can see, with the upgraded poppet the TEH Azrael TTI 2011 can post up some competitive performance on green gas. Just seems like TEH and Azrael released it too soon and we got a subpar launch product. With the upgrade poppet, a proper slide pin lock (I got a Cow Cow one) and a green gas mag it actually is a good to great blaster.


@Deity333 do they now sell it with these upgrades or do we have to do it?

Well you have find a retailer that has stock!
But I got mine from Azrael that did not have the upgraded poppet (they did sell it for $5 2 weeks after it launched), when TEH sold theirs weeks later the upgraded poppet came preinstalled.

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Anything better you would recommend over the TTI 2011 ?

Don’t have my hands on one - but by the lack of complaints on the GBA Tokyo Marui Hi-Capas I’d gather they’d be some of the best out there.

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Managed to get the CO2 mag working long enough to get 1 mag and half of consistent numbers, pity I couldn’t get the pre-upgrade numbers.

TEH Azrael TTI 2011 - with TEH Azrael TTI 2011 CO2 mag
CO2 Avg 339.7, largest variance 34.4