ABF / Auspost checking of domestic mail

Confirmed ???

Looks like it.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Guido is just taking the piss

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Do abf have authority to interfere in internal mail?

Maybe if it’s passing between states and territories? Or if you’re on a watch list somewhere


Save Our Sanity
T’was an effective joke, right?

Aus post can and do intercept domestic parcels.

Guys I spoke to a bloke not two weeks ago on FB, he was in Sydney NSW (and yes taking a risk) he had two mates in the space of a week in Penrith who were subjected to search warrants and seizures for gel blasters. Both bought from the same QLD retailer. It’s not hard for the cops to do this, they would by now have a pretty decent database from previous busts of who the retailers are who are supplying them. They can then obtain the necessary warrants (if necessary) but also have arrangements in place with Auspost, etc. All they have to do is request Auspost pull shipments to the side from a defined business customer (business accounts track everything a sender sends and where to - this is simple for Auspost to filter by an account holders details) and then they inspect it, and send it on. They then obtain search warrants and a few days after receipt, they spring into action to catch the person in possession of the prohibited item.

NSWPOL lost a case for possession in January 2021 when they arrested and charged a kid with a gel blaster. His lawyer through some very sharp lawyering got him out of it. That case prompted the QPS circular in March 2021 to retailers asking them to please not ship to other States where the laws differed as it could lead to further legal action. NSWPOL and VICPOL have since been very active in this space cleaning up the customers with mail orders. This is going to keep happening and eventually those seizures will become evidence in a case against a retailer supplier. They will go up the food chain.

So if you are playing the game with mail orders, either as a customer or a retailer, I think you really need to reassess what you are doing and take way more precautions than some people currently do.


Not to mention there these now: Australia's new mass surveillance mandate - Digital Rights Watch
You posting things in the naughty states even privately to yourself and it could be incriminating.

I would have thought police have better things to do. Like stopping people trying to escape to QLD or breaking lockdown rules. Kudos to them for having that much free time on their hands to monitor people purchasing toys.


Problem is, they don’t legally see them as toys down there. Firearms and Weapons charges come with them some serious consquences, the Cops see a chance to make their name sweeping up what we in Queensland call toys, it’s less risky for them to execute warrants and arrests, and it’s a piece of piss to trace the items and offenders. At the end of the day they will get tired with the easy arrests of customers and go after the bigger fish, its bound to happen.

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still sounds like a lot of hassle and waste of resources, especially in NSW atm with COVID. They need a probable cause to push through a search warrant, especially for someone with no priors. I can understand that if the person in question has some other shit going on and is known to police. So slapping them with firearm charges also sounds like a nice win. Anyway, it is what it is I guess

Believe me, it ain’t hard to get a search warrant. They don’t have to argue them out before a Magistrate anymore unless they are really contentious. People should realise, Justices of the Peace, that’s right the lovely elderly people (in general) you see once in a blue moon at a Shopping Centre to sign some piece of paperwork that needs a qualified witness. They, no legal background and only need to do a weekend course to be qualified, can and do sign off on Police Search Warrants. Very few of them feel comfortable enough to ask questions and knock back an officer in a hurry. I know this because I know many JPs and I have met one who was very concerned with the way his local Station was behaving and pushing JPs to sign off on warrants that shouldn’t have been signed off on.

Also Covid is a great opportunity to catch people at home with restricted movement. All Police services are cleaning up books at present, so is Immigration.

Yes it was a joke.


Levelheadedness prevails.

Thanks my dude :wink:

(just because its a joke doesn’t mean you should break the law)


just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not on to you


The AFP do have aus post monitor mail from time to time…