About the APS Azrael MPX category

For the discussions that are centric to the APS made Azrael MPX Gel Blaster. Topics such as external modifications, performance information, how-to’s and tear downs. Please use the #classifieds for selling or wanting to buy.

Did you buy one @Masterchief ? I’ll give a full run down with chrono speeds.

I should do a @LowGuido and set my go pro up for an unboxing and be the third best chu chu channel :wink:

Do it mate! We’re looking for specs too. The gear box… nozzle and piston being used. Size matters :wink:

@BigWeetBix thanks big cheese, here I was thinking I could enjoy my new blaster and looks like I’ll be stripping it soon as I get it…pretty much the norm :sweat_smile:

anyone know how to take the outer barrel apart ?