About the Custom / FrankenBlaster category

For the discussions that are centric to custom / frankenstein Gel blasters. That is where you take MAJOR external parts of several different Gel blasters, Nerf blasters and other random items and combine them all into something wild and crazy.

We are not talking about just changing a trigger, stock or handguard here. If you can easily recognise what the original blaster was, you weren’t really trying hard enough and you’re probably in the wrong category!


Blaster based on your favourite game like Overwatch
Putting a gel gearbox in a Nerf gun
An awesome blaster from a movie like Star Wars or Ghost in the Shell
Turning a M4 into a bullpup
Making a briefcase blaster like in The Kingsmen or other spy movie
You get the idea… The only limit is your imagination. :nerd_face::exploding_head:

Topics here could be on how to attach this to that, painting and weathering, advice on engineering or design questions etc etc…
And obviously lots of progress photos to inspire and teach others.

If you have a question about a specific gearbox or blaster, that is best asked in that items category.
Please use the #classifieds for #classifieds:forsale or #classifieds:wantedtobuy.

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