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Even though federal laws allow Gel Blasters to be brought into the country, the legal situation surrounding Gel Blasters in Australia ultimately revolves around your state laws. As these laws differ drastically depending on what state you’re in, it means that you need to be very careful when buying Gel Blasters to make sure you’re on the right side of the law according to your state.

Firing Range: 22 - 35 metres

Ammo Size: 7 - 8 mm

Firing Speed: 18 rounds / sec

Functional: Single, Serials can choose

Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 80 x 30cm

Age Limit: 14 Older

Colors: Orange / Black


  1. Magazine Feed.

  2. Removable accessories.

  3. Semi-automatic and Automatic firing modes.

  4. High Speed 18 rounds per second.

  5. The butt can be telescopic and adjusted to the most comfortable position.