About wiring and connectors

Hello wonderful people, I am upgrading (drastically) my battery choice and I see the heavy gauge wire from the battery terminating in a deans or KT-60 connector. Do people run the same heavy gauge wire down to the motor? Or is it like a fire hose connected to a garden hose, IOW do people just terminate the factory wiring battery (or the silver wire kit) to a deans, KT-60 and go from there? If so why use such a heavy current capable connector?

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Match your cabling to the current it needs to carry +20/30%

This way you’re not going to need to try and stuff huge fat cables into tiny channels

Fire hose to garden hose is an apt description

If you’re changing up battery connections those to should be matched to the current draw required.

Xt60 and deans are serious overkill which is great in terms of safety but not so much in terms of space

The jst-sm that we are inflicted with isn’t fit for anything more than stock plus basic upgrades

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So would the mini tamiya connections be ample? Such as those found on the turnigy nano tech 1.2 or 1.8 batteries we can slide into the buttstocks of M4’s?

If you find a 1.8…sharing is caring

Mini Tamiya isn’t a bad plug. I don’t use them but they are widely used in out sexy sister sport and wholly up to the task

I’m xt30 primarily for the size but I like the format also

Any weak link in the wiring becomes like a fuse. If you have a section of large gauge wiring, then a piece of small gauge wire… the small gauge wire will heat up. If you have 2 pieces of large gauge wire and have teeny weeny connectors… the connectors will get hot (to the point of melting)

If you have large gauge wiring and suitable size connectors… where the wires are soldered onto the motor may be the weakest link and get hot (enough to let the wire off the motor tab)

You just need the correct size wire, the correct size connectors and good solder connections…

I like deans connectors myself, they are the choice I made and try to stick to… but I often find real bargain batteries with other connectors, so I have bought adapters so I can simply put the deans adapter onto a battery with XT60

You dont need the heaviest wire available, you need the appropriate size for the job pop

for the moment its going into a reasonably stock gen 8 so might stick to tamiya for the moment, can upgrade connectors when I build a beast box to go in it. Sounds like a go gents?


Tamiya is a pretty good plug and is all I use because that is what the Turnigy AS batteries come with. I would rather change my gearbox terminals to match the best battery.