ACR Black Paint Option

Hi everyone,

Im working on my next project, taking inspiration from this image.

I am wanting to get an even ‘blackness’ across all parts and wondering what the best type of paint would be for such a job.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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I used Tamiya TS-6 Matt black. Base coat of the Tamiya plastic primer first.


Yeah i did look at these but sizes are very hard to determine. I have purchased 40cm inner tight bore barrel. Which one of these would fit do you think?

perfect, i thought Tamiya would be the obvious choice…i see a lot of modelers use these paints. have you got some pics of your blasters with Tamiya paint jobs?

Rustoleum is my number one, best ever, go to rattlecan paint ever…

On plastics, it is best to spray like 10 light coats… like a dusting each coat…

rather than giving it one or 2 thick coats…

dries real fast too

On steel, like car parts… once dry, you cant chip it off with a chisel it is that hard :+1: