ACR First build finally done

Gearbox mods
green o ring
CNC Stainless Steel Air Cylinder Head
Stainless cylinder
Stainless spring guide
Metal pull Bridge with Stainless strong return spring
Gears Metal Parts (shimmed)
1.3mm german piano wire spring
Silver wiring kit.
Plunger ladder with 14th tooth ground out
Turnigy 11.1v 5200mAh XT-60 (2)
SM 2pin to xt-60 adapter
Barrel mods
X tactical 45cm 7.5mm cut done to 38cm
Outer Barrel Front Stabilizer
Rizer R1 Inner barrel Hopup
14mm Long Type Reverse Thread Metal Outer Barrel
Worker Mod AK Flash Hider
Outer Mods
Bushnell x1 red/green dot sight
Drum STD 5 sanded to fit.
Buttstock Ammo Pouch holds Turnigy 5.2amp battery.
Tactical Vertical Fore Grip
8Pcs Metal Fittings Accessories
5,3,2.5 Slot Metal Weaver Rail
Rubber rail covers
single point tan sling
grip tape cut to fit pistol grip textured area
I present "Black & Tan"

Didn’t expect to go so hard for a first build. Wrecked the gen 9 case for over tightening and broke the default wiring for impatience. So after new case and wiring (and custom tools, grommets, rings, paint, glues, et al) finally it is done. On to my next one, An SLR, half built already…and then an M16A2…


Shit hot and pimped out bro , well done :sunglasses:

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shmexy blaster my dude.