ACR gearbox, which does it use?

Hey guys just bought an ACR shell for a project build and trying to figure out gearbox options, mainly what gearbox to use. Have looked at several different reviews and post on forums, YouTube and facebook as well as talking to a shop. At this stage I’m still no closer to which gearbox to use as one place says gen 9 box another says V2box and the shop stated it was its own J10 box so which one is it?

use the MK tactical hybrid 92 if after aluminium box.
Or the the j9/j10 nylon.

Watch this vid if use nylon

Maybe just in my case but i found when using half gearbox method of setting motor height and bevel to pinion mesh i had to put crosspin in. If i just used grip screws it did not line up properly.Shimacr%20(1)
As can see this pic the bottom on alloy gbox is slightly higher. I will be making a spacer for mineShimacr%20(2)

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Thanks for that, also answered another question about an alloy box. :+1:

I did the same as @Kamchop MK H92.

This was the pre production shell…